Sunday, June 20, 2021

Linen and straw . . . . . . .

Have you gone shopping for your summertime wardrobe this year?
I haven't been in a clothing store for ages but did purchase a couple of
items online from J.Jill - linen pants and a really nice very lightweight
 linen duster coat which will be a great summer travel piece. We have
 planned our annual trip to New England for later in July, having
 missed going last year. Travel time will be here soon, I'm excited.

It's odd that I have no real desire to shop for clothing as I usually do
 with the arrival of a new season. In all honesty I just haven't been
 excited by what is offered this year.

I went through my wardrobe pre-spring, donating a lot of clothes that
I just was tired of, or knew I wouldn't wear. Travel plans were still 
undecided - will we go, can we go etc. at that time.
My favorite Summer clothes seem to be pieces I've had for a while,
 some which I've liked for a very long while and can't give up yet!  

I enjoy the basics for hot, humid days here in the southeast............cotton
 or linen tee shirts, loose linen tops, a couple of longer linen skirts - have
 you noticed skirts are so much cooler than pants in summer - and
 loose-fitting linen pants cropped above the ankle. I now only own one
 pair of shorts - they are longer, to the knee - veins are not pretty on older
 people so remain hidden where possible!

Linen spray brings out the best in freshly laundered bed and bath linens. 
I have to admit that although I really don't mind wrinkles in my linen
 clothing, nothing is more special than resting my head on a smooth
 linen pillow case, and drying my face with an antique linen hand towel, 
both ironed to perfection!

But then there's straw!
Definitely not smooth, but beautifully textured and natural, 
a must have for summer.

Bags, hats, even touches on sandals. . . . . . all look good in straw.

Summer accessories crafted from straw are always fun.
With the hot sunny days ahead I often enjoy a woven sun hat.
It used to protect my color when a red head, but even now
 as a member of the silver-haired club I'll continue to wear one
when out and about, and in the garden. . . . . hopefully those
 wide brims may help to keep the other kind of wrinkles away!

Today I'm remembering fathers everywhere. 
Mine was one of the best . . . . . . your dad too!


  1. I am trying to loose about 10 pounds before I buy anything. It is summer year round here. I plan on buying some skirts, dresses and shorts once I lose the weight. I would love you to come by my blog and see my living and dining room before and after pictures.

    1. I 'popped over' to see your lovely new home - just wish it could have been in person. Missing seeing you and K.
      I've managed to get back to pre-COVID weight, had gained 7 lbs. Now trying to drop a few more for comfort in the hot weather!

  2. Dearest Mary,
    That might be three decades ago that I've had a J. Jill piece... No more as I love my natural fibre line from Escada and it lasts forever.
    Though I did order several tops for biking at Macy's due to me severe allergy to latex and that includes spandex etc. No fun but I'm hoping this will help me out a lot for pairing with my biker shorts and even regular shorts and skirts.
    Never had any straw shoes or Espadrilles as they are very bulky and we bought always for easy packing/traveling.

    1. I used to love Escada when I was able to buy here where we had a real store. I splurged on many beautiful pieces (was working then) as they were discounted - seeing them online now there's no way I could pay those prices! The workmanship was always 10+ - the fabrics gorgeous. My favorite piece ever was a heavy woven silk pale blue/cream double-breasted classic jacket - I felt a million dollars wearing it to the office! Sadly I passed it along when I lost a lot of weight during cancer treatment and it looked far too big on me - wish now I'd kept it!!! Sorry you have latex allergy - but glad you found alternative fabrics.

    2. Sorry to learn that you also had cancer treatment!
      Glad I kept my pieces, even though they were way too big after I'd become paralyzed. Pants fell off my hips but slowly with the use of a belt I managed!
      That allergy is a pain and how do you find non elastic bras?!
      Hoping that it will leave me alone after a while, as most other ailments have in the past.
      You enjoy your linens, it is indeed THE COOLEST garment to wear.

  3. I still love to shop, but now it is online.
    Linen is so wonderful anytime, but especially in summer.
    J.Jill is my favorite place to shop for pants and I am looking at some this week and telling myself really I shouldn't be looking.
    Yes, skirts and dresses are the best for summer. Now I think I need one summer dress.
    No shorts for me since having knee replacement surgery some years ago. Ugh! Those scars are not to be shared.
    Just bought a straw hat which I am totally enjoying for my walks and out and about.

    1. I have one summer 'dress' which is more a caftan, and I love it for evenings. It's a black/cream zebra pattern, long and flowing, and makes me want to return to Africa so much!!!
      I'm still looking for a new straw hat that fits comfortably - I admit to having a big head!

  4. Lovely post Mary full of beautiful imagery.

  5. I don't have any linen clothes, are you shocked? I don't iron. I am going to check out J.Jill and linen pants, thanks for the idea.

    1. I've always had success with J.Jill linen - especially summer pants. They do run large though so I usually size down. Their clothes lean more to classic and are well
      made - I have many pieces years old which I'd never part with!
      I admit to not doing much ironing at this time of year!

  6. Lovely photos, Mary!

    You can't go wrong with linens in Summer and yes, dresses are so much cooler to wear than pants. I love my straw hat which I take on almost every trip that involves the outdoors, any time of year. We can wear our summer cloths almost all year round here...I just add a cardigan and a scarf...maybe some leggings. I find I don't wear my jeans in summer here...not too comfortable with the heat and humidity. Our winter days can get quite warm even though our evenings and mornings are cold.

    I hope you have a lovely week ahead.

    Big hugs,
    Serena xx

    1. I must be honest here Serena and say I could not live in a climate where there's no 'real' Winter..........I so love coats, big chunky cashmere sweaters with high necks, real wool trousers, and boots, gotta have my boots! Guess growing up in chilly, damp England set me on a path far removed from the tropics!!
      Thanks for the greeting - take care 'down under' in your beautiful if hot country!

  7. Dear Mary, linen is the ultimate cloth for hot summer days - and it keeps for such a long time, being elegant and timeless!
    As you I was nor in the mood to buy fashion for this summer (in Germany you had to present a day-fresh Covid-test to enter a store, even if twice vaccinated. I see the reason why to wear a mask - but for a test: no.
    Online I bought a pair of new Jeans (same as I have) - and that's it!
    As you I started to wear long dresses and normal short skirts, because it is so hot at the moment, and though I own beautiful sandals I have to substitute those by sneakers - but, as I saw the last decade in Berlin: that is the fashion anyway, young women being smart, not wearing High Heel killers anymore. Good!

    1. No more high heel killers for me either - but they do look gorgeous on the young girls and bring back many memories of those fun days!!

  8. I just love linen clothes! So lovely to wear hot summer days...
    The straw bag is fantastic!
    Have a GREAT summer!
    Love from Titti

    1. Enjoy your summer days too dear Titti - I know they are very special in your cooler climate!

  9. You sound like me .. my closet went thru an edit a few months ago. Charities the beneficiaries. Skirts, loose tops, linen are delightful body cover. Love the idea of a linen duster ~~~ May have to look for one! I know much you are looking forward to “home.” Cheers.

    1. Helen, if our planned trip home to the UK does materialize (hoping it does) it will be in Sept/Oct and the weather will be cooler, which is fine with me. So much easier packing/traveling with cooler weather clothes I always think.

  10. I've been shopping as usual for months now, but as I've mentioned to you before, I'm not really into clothes. I am most comfortable in cotton shirts or tshirts at home and shorts or yoga pants. When I go out, of course I dress nicer. I do have some lovely cotton and linen pants. I've had luck finding nice tops at TJ Maxx and Sierra.

    1. Hi Melanie - I've not been in a TJ Maxx in soooooo long! Now things are opening up more, and I'm vaccinated, I must plan a shopping date with a girlfriend I have who loves to go there, and of course next door there is always Home Goods! I really need to at least look if not buy!!! They do have neat things.
      Enjoy your summer days.

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