Thursday, June 24, 2021

Refreshing the front porch -

Yesterday I went shopping. 
No, not grocery shopping which seems to be what I've done mostly since
 the pandemic started. This was real 'go with a girl friend' shopping to a
 store well known here in the USA, HOMEGOODS!  
We had a ball - the type of fun one can only have with
 a true friend of many, many years.  A friend whom you know so well
 and are so comfortable with, you can share all and anything, laugh,
 giggle, shed a tear, and on looking back you've done it all and more in
 thirty five plus years. . . . . . that's how I feel when with Loretta. 
She has been an awesome friend in so many ways and I love her dearly.

Our small house has a small front porch. It's nothing spectacular but it is
 a place to enjoy the outdoors. Bob and I sit out there a lot, especially in
 the late afternoon at this time of year - usually with a drink, sometimes
 a snack, and something to read. People stop to visit now and then. 
With distancing of the past months we have felt safe entertaining
 one or two at a time with a cup of tea or glass of wine in the open air.

We do a lot of waving and have short chats with passersby - usually the 
younger neighbors who pull off their earbuds and pocket their phones
for a few minutes which is appreciated. The cul-de-sac stays busy 
enough with turning delivery vehicles, dog walkers, a few younger
 children on trikes, and some runners usually in the cooler air of

So did I buy anything?
Just this all cotton, woven in Turkey, casual mat. I like the pattern and
 blue and white colors, and think it just brightens up the concrete floor
 of the porch for these summer afternoons. It's machine washable
 if necessary, however I think I'd probably just hose it off and let it
 dry in the sun. It's a bit hefty and might finish off my aging
 washing machine!

Have a feeling the hydrangeas may require a major pruning soon - or we'll be 
invisible on the porch - or rather too secluded and will miss all the action 
in the street. . . . . . .or perhaps be forgotten about, lol!

Do you have a front porch?
Do your neighbors stop to chat?
What would you enjoy drinking on the porch on a
 hot summer afternoon?
A nice French rosé is chilled and waiting!


  1. A front porch, especially one as pretty as yours, is something I've always dreamed about, but have never been blessed with so far. People here hardly know their neighbors most of the time. Maybe it's a California thing, Southern California especially . . . I don't know. But yours is lovely and I am glad you and Bob enjoy it so much.

    1. Wish you could stop by Sara - time for an East coast visit perhaps?
      Don't know when we will ever get back to Southern California - always a chance though once we feel better about travel.
      Enjoy the weekend - I think of you with that awesome view from your house.

  2. Dear Mary - we could learn a thing or two from you over in the States as here very few properties have such lovely a front porch as yours. It must be like having an extra room during the summertime and looks especially lovely in the way that you have dressed it. The nearest thing that we have is our conservatory where we like to relax, have a snack, read, and chat together but no mixing with passersby the neighbours as it is situated at the back of the house.
    I have just noticed that your photo has changed and your new look is very attractive - it suits you very much.

    1. Yes, its like a small extra 'room' and luckily with our climate we can use it just about year round to sit out - even when a cozy throw and hot mug of something delicious must be available in winter.
      Thanks for the compliment Rosemary. I've now embraced my 'silver' hair and joined the grey-haired ladies. Do I miss my shiny red bob, yes, but I also love the ease of wavy shorter hair, so much easier to care for and I'm really a wash and go gal now, no heated blowers or flat irons has made life much better!

  3. Your porch is lovely. It sounds like the perfect spot to people watch.

    1. Come by when you're next in the USA dear Loree - we'll be waiting!

  4. Your porch is lovely. I would like one but we don't do front porches here in the UK, I think maybe we are too reserved, we sit in our back gardens. Although during lockdown when we celebrated VE day a lot of people in the village sat out in their front gardens and talked to passers by.

    1. Hi Polly - thanks for stopping by.
      Growing up in Devon our bungalow didn't have a porch but we did sit out on a small stone patio by the front door in summer. Of course most people walked in those days and they would stop, peer over the hedge to admire mother's flowers and shrubs (she was a great gardener), and often chat. We 'picnicked' in the back garden where, if we peeked between the houses, we could just see the higher Tors of Dartmoor - it was lovely. . . . . . . and now I'm homesick!!!!!!
      Mary -

  5. I've always wanted a porch, but it isnt a common thing here in England. Yours looks lovely and the rug is perfect.

    1. I wonder why porches are uncommon in the UK - perhaps because people prefer conservatories (SO expensive over here!) due to cooler weather. Here they started with farmhouses - a style I love - especially the wrap-around wide porches where in the heat of the Southern summers people even slept on them in the days before air conditioning.

  6. No - there are not many front porches in the UK I don't think it is our style of architecture really.

    1. . . . . .but they are fun places to sit outside in comfort and get that necessary daily dose of Vitamin D without being in the sweltering sun which we get here Pat!!

  7. I'd happily join you on that porch any time, for a glass of chilled rosé wine or my new favourite summer drink: Rose G&T (based on Fentiman's rose lemonade instead of tonic).

    1. Meike, your glass is chilling in the freezer - I'll fill it with whatever you prefer - just come visit some day. Fentimen's do make awesome fruit drinks - I need to stock up at our World Market store. I've not had a G&T in years but a Rose one sounds great for a hot afternoon.

      Enjoy your weekend - "hi" to O.K. - bring him with you, I can always freeze two glasses!!!!

  8. Dear Mary, such a lovely, lovely house! And to sit in a front porch must be a real treat - I can share that feeling a bit as I sit on my balcony and see people walk by - but yours is so lovely with that huge hydrangeas and the border!
    As I see it is after five o'clock, so a glass of pale French rosé will be welcomed, thank you for the invitation!

    1. Thank you Britta dear - it's very small but as we say here, "there's no place like home."
      Raising a glass to you this afternoon - even though it will be night time in Germany!

  9. A very inviting porch, the blue certainly would make it feel cooler on your hot Summer afternoons. I do not have a porch, but a balcony on our house, during the Summer months here in Ontario, we have our morning coffee, our lunch and have a quiet sit after dinner. It does not face the street so we do not chat with a lot of people, but the birds visit us on a regular basis. Enjoy your day.

    1. Your balcony sounds lovely - and I know even Ontario can be very hot in summer. We were there some years back and it was stifling. Being able to view the birds visiting is always a delight, they are often a lot more interesting than people, lol!!!!
      Stay well - Mary

  10. Dearest Mary,
    Your front porch at the cul de sack seems to be in a cosy spot and with neighbors nearby, left and right.
    We seldom use our front porch, the kitties sit on the oak bench... We have so many other spots to sit, our veranda (completely indoors with double glass), our gazebo and our balcony. Aside from the living room of course...
    Your Hydrangeas sure need some taming. Like we joked about certain vines in our garden overgrowing while we were living and working in Indonesia for 2 months at a time. We ought to hurry back home IF we still want to be able to 'find' our home... Yes, things here in the South can take off!

    1. Dear Mariette - laughing at "taming"- but guess that's similar to pruning! They were cut to the ground several times over the years - necessary for house painting - but always bounced back thankfully.
      We dined in the screened gazebo last night with a granddaughter - it was a perfect evening to grill out and, after a spray of yard repellent and lighting a huge citronella candle, thankfully none of us were bitten for a change! Summer in the south is not for sissies! We watched the Strawberry Moon rise over the trees which was awesome.
      Happy weekend to you both.

  11. What a wonderful, beautiful front porch. I love that you visit with others as they walk by. What a treat. I love, love your new mat. Though we don't sit on our tiny porch I think a mat would be lovely.


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