Monday, June 14, 2021

Monday again and it's Flag Day!


Last week never stopped or slowed down despite rain and workmen.
Neither did we!
Tree felling consisted of removing three trees, two more very tall oaks - one
 hit by lightning and dying, one smothered in ivy which had been cut at the
 base but also looking near death's door!  The third, a smaller hickory, was
 growing into a large oak and blocking the sun. We need to keep that area
 drier. . . . . . and hopefully this will enable us to add more grass around the
 potting shed and deck areas.

Between feeding (baking muffins and cookies) and watering the tree crew of
five for two days - which BTW included a lovely young woman - I picked the
 tasty Genovese basil and made the first batch of seasonal pesto. 

There were other firsts, dahlias opening - a glowing Grandpa Ott
 morning glory. . . . . . . .

. . . . . .. and Ms. Deer, beautiful and gentle but enjoying siphoning off the
 bird seed three days in a row, so the feeder is now remaining empty in
 hopes she'll move on to another garden!

The rains have left and we are due to have a dry, sunny, and quite hot week.
Still working outside and, as I write, Bob is mowing the grass. I'm off to clean
the sawdust covered windows in back of the cottage.
Life is busy at this time of year. . . . . . actually any time of year
 around here.


  1. Glad you were able to get those trees down. That deer is sweet. I never knew they liked bird seed!

    1. Oh yes they do! This is not the first time, it's happened other years! She's also nibbling my neighbor's tomato plants - he's away so I've draped them in bird netting in hopes she'll leave them alone - especially as he shared his harvest with me!!!!

  2. Dearest Mary,
    We feed our deer corn so they don't have to frantically search for bird seeds... Which are protected due to the system that shuts off for heavier critters, like squirrels. We invested in those years ago and it's the only thing working.
    Our tree crew that we approached on April 21 has not yet arrived. Due to rain, then death of his 4-year old grandson and funeral up north, and more rain. Needs to dry out a couple of days before they can do this job but I hope it gets done soon. We biked yesterday and were shocked to see so many giants, also oaks and others, downed by the severe thunder storms that we had last week. That creates lots of work for clearing roads, driveways and so on.
    Love your Hydrangeas with the US Flag. We have our flags out too; three that is. Our Georgia Flag, US Flags one planted by the Dublin Civitan as their fund raiser. They will plant and uptake them six times a year for the $ 45 they charge. Great idea and very Patriotic too! So we support them.

    1. Mariette - we just spent $140 on another Droll Yankees Flipper (the one in the photo) which does flip the squirrels off. The older one we've placed in the back garden as it is looking a bit the worse for wear! This deer sucked the seed out to the point where she unscrewed the base where the rechargeable battery is and we found it on the ground twice last week!
      Where do you place the corn for your deer!
      So very sad about your tree guy's family loss. Our guy is awesome and we've used him for several jobs over the past couple of years. He did the big job in two days with his crew then came back Sat. alone to grind the stumps. He also pruned some smaller ornamental trees beautifully.
      Mary -

    2. Dearest Mary,
      But that Droll Yankee Flipper also does spill a lot of bird feed when spinning a squirrel off... We had been placing loose corn (not on the cob) in big planter saucers behind the greenhouse, near the creek. But we might get something else for them as the acidity of corn kernels seems to be unhealthy for them.
      This 4 year old toddler had a rare brain tumor that was inoperable and they had to drive all the way to Indiana for his funeral. SAD. We love working with him and his crew, also for several years. A very risky job and important for all home owners to watch trees.

  3. Flags outside houses are very rare here, though a few have appeared this week as the European Football Championships are taking place. Plenty of other colour in the gardens however.

  4. Is there a more beautiful blue than Morning Glory? If so I have never seen it.

  5. That's a sight we dont see in pur garden, Mary! How lovely to have deer around.

  6. Happy Flag Day Mary! Glad you got those trees taken down without incident. They were big! I have to have someone look at my 2 huge river birches in the front of the house. I understand from a neighbor the one was hit with lightning and I'm not sure if it is healthy. The other one needs alot of trimming. The deer in your garden was a lovely site but not great about her eating all your birdseed. She does need to move to another house. Have a lovely day!

  7. Every time I see your garden the hydrangeas just make me smile.
    So glad you could get the trees cleared before they toppled over.
    Your pesto looks amazing. Hoping by now Ms.Deer has decided to move on.

    1. All looks beautiful Mary …I hate cutting down trees but . We cut down a very large weeping silver birch a few years ago and now the grass can grow and other plants get some light …. Best thing we ever did …. Replaced it with a gazebo and it looks so much better.Sorry for lack of commenting …. Not easy to type with my left hand !!!! XXXX

  8. Oh wow - to have deer in your garden! What a delight. Yesterday there was red kite (raptor) circling over our garden as the field beyond had just been mowed. These little encounters with nature are a boost to our wellbeing. You live in a wonderful place it seems

  9. OH, those hydrangeas are beautiful! I have sketched morning glories a few times over the years...lovely!

    I would love a deer visiting me. They aren't indigenous to Australia but, apparently, we have what they classify as 'feral' populations in regions across Australia. I've never seen one in the wild though.

    The pesto looks delicious!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Mary.

    Serena x

  10. It's so good to catch up with you, Mary. You and Bob sure do have a lot of work going on. I cannot believe that deer! It must be very thirsty to be hanging out at your place, not exactly the outskirts of town!

    Your pesto looks delicious. I came to like it just recently, I must have had something terrible from the grocery store. When I bought a jar at a little market in town at the lake, it was quite good but the additives were outrageous. So it's on my list to learn to make. I'd love your recipe! ;-)

    Summer is underway and my planner is so filled in already. We are finally getting to the lake next week, not sure how long. Until one of us has a doctor appointment, I suspect. Al is doing well, he's on some meds and I like that it has evened out his moods. I had my second spinal fusion 3 weeks ago and still healing, hence the delay in going to the lake. This home is set for summer. the yard and garden are looking well, and now I feel we are heading for all new projects and it's hard for me to hold back. My daughter was here tonight and scolded me several times for bending or picking something up. I'm so looking forward to healing and then getting active again. I was so bad before the surgery- I couldn't even take Poppy for a walk around the block.

    I hope we get down to Asheville soon. You will be the first to know!

    Big hugs to you and Bob. Hope you are both doing well!❤️


  11. Lovely to see you posting again, Mary, and as always, your garden looks like your own piece of paradise!
    I missed your post because when it appeared on my dashboard on Tuesday, I was freshly operated and not in the mood or able to switch the computer on.

  12. Dear Mary, the basil in the pot looks very strong and delicious!
    The act of felling a tree (and you have three!) is much work - I remember a huge fir in my garden in Hildesheim, where climbers had to go into - and they were quite afraid, though professionals.
    Morning glory, hydrangea - all in an obviously huge garden - the deer adds "spice", but I feel with you when you wish it would go to another place :-)

  13. Your photos are lovely Mary, especially of Ms. Doe!!! I love the look of that pesto, it must have been yummy! :)


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