Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Quick hello........while fluttering by!

I need to take a little break.
All is good but always a lot going on here.
Am I slowing down?
Does it just take longer to do things?
Do I have too much on my plate?
I feel like I'm always 'chasing my tail' and can't catch up!
House and garden chores call me every day.
I need to get away for a break, but that's impossible now.
More major back yard tree felling planned for this week,
 if the rains stay away.

But next month will be different - planning to get on a plane and
head north after such a long time tethered to the ground.
I really need a vacation - this 'staycation' has become far too
long. I'm so ready to fly off. . . . . .not just flutter around!!!

First view this season of a beautiful Painted Lady checking the
 hydrangeas before she flew away!


  1. I think we all feel in need of a break afterr this long ovid problem. Trouble is it has not gone away yet.

  2. Such beautiful photos of some beautiful things in your world, Mary. Enjoy your break, and then your time away. We're heading off in the boat for about 12 days and will mostly be out of cell coverage, so it will be a break for us then.

  3. Breathe, enjoy, have gobs of fun!!!!

  4. Dearest Mary,
    Over tea this afternoon we both were saying that there ought to be 40 hours in a day...!
    In a way it is good, Pieter said, that means you never get bored. True but as you say, it is SO hard to keep up with it all, especially during summer.
    Your photos are gorgeous, as usual.
    We too are waiting for the tree felling, got delayed due to rain and more rain.

  5. It is good to take a break when life gets so busy. You folks are really busy with projects. Happy Catch your breath time... and then a wonderful time New England way.

  6. You have been very busy, plus you had health issues to deal with - not easy, and understandably now you need a break. Don't you sometimes wonder how you did it all when you still worked?
    As for travelling, I won't even attempt that before next year, apart from my train trips to and from O.K.'s which I took up again around Easter after a 3-month-break. Leaving this country and flying somewhere else just seems too much hassle at the moment, plus there is no vaccination in sight for me yet.

  7. I'm happy as long as I can get outside my village, which wasn't possible for part of the last year. I haven't seen any Painted Ladies yet this year - sometimes we get an influx of them from the continent, sometimes not.

  8. Enjoy your break Mary and BobX

  9. Have a really relaxing break Mary.

  10. I wish you well and joyful travels and adventures.
    When I was walking today I saw a butterfly. How I wanted to hold it in my hands and say welcome dear one. But it also fluttered away before I could even capture it with my camera. Just the same it is a sweet memory.

  11. Mary, enjoy and relax. I hope that you are well and that your break is rejuvenating. I am so excited to hear about both your break and the trip! Take care my friend. Hopefully soon we will be able to meet in person as we will practically be neighbors!

  12. Fluttering is fine for some Mary, like me, but I know you need to FLY!!! :) That's a beautiful photo! :)

  13. Enjoy your planned holidays, Mary! Many of us will share your feelings - and choose the same remedy when possible.
    The everyday strain of a much too long To-Do-list is something that I try to change too - not very successful, but I try and don't give up.


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