Monday, June 27, 2011

How to keep cool.....................

Well it's becoming rather boring after day, night after night, searing temperatures, not a drop of rain.  When will it end?  No time soon if the weatherperson is accurate.

Living in the south.  Pleasant in the winter months...................hell in the summertime!

Things are not moving much over at the Vintage Village - local antiquing destination for treasure hunters. Even my booth at SuzAnna's Antiques is stuck in time it seems................not many shoppers want to even think about changing their decor when it's too hot to paint walls, furniture, or move stuff around.

I'm jealous of this cool looking French woman who has been baring her breasts on my dressing table! Draped in chunky silver and pewter, so audacious.  Casually chilling out in my air conditioned house, unencumbered by clothing as the temperature rises another degree each hour........and the humidity makes breathing hard labor.

So, I hung a tag around her cold neck, took her on a little ride wrapped in a wool blanket - just so she'd know how the rest of us feel as we wipe our moist and dripping brow when we step outside - and I put her up for sale!


  1. LOL Mary! It is not quite as hot here in the mountians. Are you headed this way at all this year?

  2. The is looking great! There's a couple of things there I could definitely use here in my little home. Looking forward to seeing you soon dear! Love, Vanessa

  3. Take that you naked half woman! Glad you're getting your own back Mary LOL.
    It's been too hot here the last few days, it's hovering between 84 and 86f at the moment and no air con except in the car. Good excuse to do nothing!
    Hope it coolsdown for you. Best wishes
    Rose H

  4. Poor sad lady - what will she feel like when winteer comes?

  5. :) I hope that your little fit of pique over her sang froid will result in a nice sale!

  6. Your booth always looks wonderful, stay cool.

  7. I am glad she is part of the real world Mary! I hope it cools down soon....xv

  8. Mary, I am so with you on this. The breast baring just might become necessary if it gets much hotter.;-)

  9. Haha! That's cute. It is a lovely day here for a change - sunny and about 75 degrees. My kind of summer weather and I hope it continues! Stay cool! Pamela

  10. Can't say I'm surprised at the lack of shoppers in your high temps - it's been hot and humid here the last couple of days and shopping was the last thing on my mind! Happily it's a little cooler today but still humid. I'm beginning to look forward to autumn!

  11. A bare chested French woman certainly should catch the attention of someone who is strolling by. When I hear of the hot temps, I am happy I live in the Pacific Northwest, eventhough is is rainy today. Sunshine is lovely, but not too hot. Take care and keep cool.

  12. Your are so funny! Love that sense of humor of yours!
    Yes, it is HOT here too. We are celebrating outside for the 4th so we've rented fans and ordered blocks of ice. No city fireworks or outdoor concert this year, so we decided to get a group of neighbors and other friends here for an evening picnic. Wish you could join us! ~ Sarah

  13. I bet she is glad to have the cold necklace on her! In the winter, if she is still there, she will need a scarf!
    Take Care,


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