Monday, June 6, 2011

Back to the Lake District.

To while away the hours we were to share in the scenic Lake District, Paula rented this magnificent house for our group of seven.  The very interesting history of this former school was well documented in the Headmaster's Diary.  From it's inception as a village school for Ullswater's children - with bouts of chicken pox, croup and mumps, influenza epidemics, and being 'smoked out' of the classrooms by old coal burning stoves supplying heat, or worse no heat at all on freezing Winter days - through the days of taking in evacuees during the second World War, the Grammar School House breathes history all while sitting in the middle of beautiful panoramic farmland.

Driving up the lane from the lake below, the greenery of the fields, trees, ferns and moss almost took one's breath away.  The dampness of the climate had made Spring spellbinding, covering everything in a brilliant, verdant green.

151 years of history contained in one great house!

The school is now a spacious and most comfortable house complete with everything one needs to truly feel at home, plus extras such as the AGA stove that we had fun learning to use, and we all want one in our kitchens now!

Super large kitchen, our daily meeting point for coffee, tea, snacks, now and then a home cooked lots of sightseeing planning for our days out.

Paula and Babs getting ready to cook breakfast..............we are such a compatible group of traveling friends, and now we feel like family!

Bob enjoying his "full English" breakfast with Babs - chef Rob at the AGA.

Kitchen window view out to the lane.

The Grammar School House today.

Nearby the house, just down the lane, a lovely property FOR SALE!  We all wanted to buy it - especially if it came with lambs!

No pool for dipping but a lovely pond in the back garden......

.......and, just over the wall, our very own meadow with cows and their calves.  

A lovely spot in England's northern county of Cumbria...............hope to return again some day.


  1. Beautiful home, food and kitchen. It all looks heavenly.

  2. What a lovely experience! I'd love to learn to use an AGA - to have one is a secret wish, but one not likely to be fulfilled!

  3. Wow what a great place to get away from it all and getting to know each other!! Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  4. Super post Mary. I'd give a lot for an AGA too however, I'm not too sure my kitchen floor could stand the weight! Makes me want to pack to car and vanish off to Cumbria right now...
    Have a great week
    Rose H

  5. What a wonderful place to stay! It looks so beautiful there Mary.

  6. Love the post! The picture of the stacked stone wall covered in moss took my breath away. Looks like a lovely visit!

  7. Oh, Mary, this post brings back such lovely memories of our trip to the Lake District my first visit to the UK. Such beauty! Staying in a home is always the best way to travel, especially when with a group. So happy you had this time with your friends. An AGA? Have to say that I have friends who have one. Not sure it is something I'd want myself, especially here in TX. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  8. How wonderful to have such compatible traveling companions. I love all the photos, of course!

  9. Oh what a beautiful post. The nature and landscape photos would make wonderful watercolors! I feel like I was just on a mini vacation! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Love this Mary! I love the greens and old wood, stone walls, sheep and cows. Beautiful!

  11. Such a beautiful place to stay, and to be able to do it with wonderful friends makes it even more special! Bob looks very happy with his food!
    Hugs to both of you,

  12. Beautiful landscape, beautiful house and beautiful people.... not to mention the yummy food! Thanks for sharing more of your travel memories.

  13. What a great place to stay, lovely house and beautiful surroundings with some history thrown in too:) I really love that photo of the moss covered drystone wall, it's just stunning.

  14. Perfectly charming! The friends, the AGA, the view of the lane from the kitchen window and all of the spectacular scenery! Thank you for this lovely post!!

    Susan and Bentley

  15. This stop would definitely take my breathe away too. What fun to share with good friends. Just recently a friend told me she had a Aga stove in storage and that she loved it, but at the moment doesn't have room to hook it up. The more I hear, the more I am curious about these stoves.

  16. Wow, how beautiful. How lucky you two were to spend some time there.


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