Friday, June 17, 2011

Cleaning house..........

All this week I was supposed to be Spring cleaning - I have to hurry because the season is coming to an end very soon!  I was alone this week as DH flew off to Los Angeles for work which meant I had plenty of time to get down and dirty dusty. 

For some reason I was side-tracked several times.  Because it cooled off a bit, 85 instead of 95 degrees, I felt compelled to do garden chores each morning, trimming shrubs, watering, and painting outdoor furniture.  Also met dear friend Vanessa for some Crate & Barrel and Urban Outfitters shopping. This was followed by lunch, and a country drive to a dairy farm's ice cream shop. There, we rocked on the front porch overlooking bright green corn fields while enjoying a scoop.  I also spent some time at SuzAnna's antiques playing shop in my booth.  All this side-tracking was delightful by the way!

But I did do quite a lot of heavy cleaning - washing windows in and out, hauling my sofa slip cover to the laundry to use the large commercial machines, washing floors, doors, dusting blinds, polishing wood trim, scouring shower tile................

.......and moving things around of course!

Moving things in the house means taking here are the pretty bits I captured today after all the hard work.  

Moved my very heavy iron urn to the coffee table, loaded it with nice woven Summer feeling sea grass balls.

This old table is new, to me.  It spoke to me at SuzAnna's yesterday so I brought it home.  Everyone knows these little Italian tables, usually shiny gold leaf and quite elegant.  This one is more my style, bashed about a bit, sanded and scraped, now matte not gleaming and gilded.

The sunflowers are back in the garden - springing up from the seeds dropped from the bird feeder again. Seeing them in bloom makes me realize that Summer is almost here, even though Spring has felt like Summer for several weeks.  Tomorrow more cleaning on the agenda - hard work but the results are so satisfying


  1. Oh Mary...when you "move" things around in your home it seems MAGIC happens!!!! I so love your taste and all you do ~ I love the old table...just the right amount of age!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  2. Most satisfying! I hope to spend a little time so occupied on the weekend - windows will sparkle and floors will gleam....and I will be very satisfied.

  3. Looks great dear! I just love that table! I have missed mine since I sold it... perhaps I will find a new one sometime soon... Have a great day! Love, Vanessa

  4. I have three of that same little table. I agree, when the weather is being a little cool I'm outside too as the house gets a cleaning during the heat of the day or when its rainy (ha!) although we did get a great shower a few days ago. Those grass ball are the cutest! You have such a knack for making it all look great.
    Hugs to both of you!
    Take Care,

  5. My spring cleaning is becoming more a ..... summer cleaning!

  6. What a lovely week. I think my spring cleaning will be summer cleaning too. I was looking at my windows just yesterday and thinking it was time. You do find such lovelies.

  7. You've obviously found the secret of combining hard work and fun!

  8. Mary, it's always a treat to get a peek at your lovely home. I still need to do my spring cleaning too. ~ sarah

  9. Sounds perfect to me - bouts of working at the cleaning interspersed with bouts of sitting on the lounger eating ice cream. Wonderful.


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