Friday, June 3, 2011

Just another day................. the garden.  As always, a busy one, and here in the southeast, an extremely hot one.  Temps. in the high 90's are persisting and there doesn't look like much relief any time soon.

Even the squirrels are feeling the heat - but at least they have their garden back with the foxes gone!

Update on the Fox Family:

Mama has moved them, most likely on Monday night as we've not seen a sign of them since that evening. As sweet, cute, adorable as they were, five kits and their mother were just too much wildlife right outside our back door.  When we saw the frightened looks mama was giving us Monday when she saw us watching from the windows, we knew she was not happy that we were back and had apparently moved into her territory!  Foxes do carry rabies here in the US, people do get bitten, and deaths sometimes occur.

Two of the five on the deck - who could not love them!

Playtime with mama - on the potting shed step.

I decided they were not returning to the gazebo and therefore I could give it a good hose down without drowning anyone. You would have laughed watching me jumping up and down, shouting, and clattering around to make sure they were not underneath!  Then I washed down the outdoor furniture and cushions. So, here I am enjoying a nice cup of Earl Grey in the gazebo, having taken it back as my Summerhouse. A little retreat where I'm safe from the biting mosquitoes, can watch the birds feeding and the squirrels playing.........but I wonder if we'll have a return visit from the fox family next year.


  1. How special to be able to witness the fox family! I'm in awe! And here in Wake Forest, so just maybe one day we too will have the honor! We've had groundhog babies and squirrel families. Lots of birds too. We have a couple blue bird houses up. Enjoy!

  2. I am glad you have your gazebo back, but they are really cute.

  3. How lovely to have a gazebo for sipping tea in .. I would gladly trade you a little heat for our still very cool weather. Two days ago we had rain mixed with sleet!!!!! We are expecting nice weather this weekend, I have my doubts. It is still snowing in the mountains, two mountain passes are not open - and may not open this summer!

  4. They really are cute but I'm glad for you that they've moved on. By the way, the foxes around here are red and I've never seen a grey one. However, there used to be a silver fox ranch in the province during the late 19th and up to the mid-20th century and I expect they were raised for ladies fur coats and the big fox tail collars that were popular then. Enjoy your gazebo and I wish we had some of your heat as it was downright cool here today! :-)

  5. I think everything is tired of this heat including the animals. It is hard to plant anything as it is best to do it early morning or late evening, and everything needs water. Maybe the foxes moved on to a place with a pool!

  6. I think, though they were cute, I would do the same and take back my yard too. In the past we have had a raccoon mama try to settle her babies in our yard and we do everything possible to scare them away. I haven't seen them in a couple years.

  7. How lucky you were to have that experience, Mary. Understandable that Mama wanted to move her babies, though.


  8. It was fun, I'm sure, to have the little family there for a while, but I'll bet you're glad to have your gazebo back! Lovely photos!

  9. I know it's a great feeling to have your gazebo back! They were certainly cute little critters.

  10. Hi Mary,

    I used to visit your other blog from time to time and found you here through blog hopping this evening.

    As sweet as the fox family is, it's better for all that mama moved them.

    I live in NC as well and can't believe how hot it's gotten so early in the year!

  11. Mary, I'm sure you have mixed feeling about the little fox family, but it will be nice to have the gazebo to enjoy once again. Perfect time of year to spend leisure time there. Thanks for sharing all the photos. They are darling little creatures! ~ Sarah
    A sweet surprise arrived today. Will be in touch soon...... You are so thoughtful!

  12. The photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing.


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