Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Saturday at Two Old Birds............

.............I played shopkeeper, along with friend Vanessa.  
Two Old Birds is part of Vintage Village where we have our booths at SuzAnna's Antiques.

Owners, the sweetest sisters Susan and Debbie, went off to party and celebrate a big wedding anniversary for Susan and hubby Jay, giving us the opportunity to 'mind the store' for a few hours.

Sharing a few interior shots from the sisters' adorable shop where there are some great bargains to be found.

I wish I had somewhere for this beautiful dressing table, the mirror is gorgeous...........

.....a fabulous and very unusual shaped chair - the seat is oval.

This black painted dressing table is another winner, somebody will snap it up soon I'm certain.
It was a fun afternoon.  The rain held off, the treasure hunters were out despite the heat and humidity, and everyone had fun. 
Saturdays should always be like that.


  1. I LOVE Two Old Birds! Those gals are so fabulous! And whoa! Look at both of those dressers! I want! May have to call and find out the price??? ;)

  2. I have holidayed in the US for some years and have been to so many of these lovely shops - I do wish we had them here - I could spend all day in one.

  3. How fun it must have been to "shopsit"!! I love the dressers and all the pretty dishes!


  4. I want that dressing table... Pleeeeeeeeeease!!! I have just the right place for it! I wished It wasn't so far away! :(

    I have just found your blog. This post makes me become a fan... It is adorable!


  5. Hello Mary, I am glad to hear you are home from England safe and sound. I love your photos from your trip. Especially the Beatrix Potter home on the hill. I love her stories.

    The next time I am in Raleigh I hope we can get together. I would love to visit the shop you and Vanessa tended. I love all the wonderful items for sale. I know you had fun. I used to work in the mall where I had a booth and enjoyed it so much. It helped with the rent too. Lots of goodies to admire and maybe 'buy' some time.

    Thank you for your sweet comment.
    Love, Jeanne

    We definitely will be in Raleigh this fall for a week. I'll get some dates when I know them. Bill has decided to retire from teaching again. His schedule of five days a week even if it was only half days has kept us from planning anything other than in the summer.

    We are loving it here in Maine. Our RV is fun and we just have each other for entertainment. With all the company we have had this year, it is a welcome change.

  6. I love these kind of shops and like Weaver often visit them when I'm in the US. I also echo her wish that we had shops like this in the UK!


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