Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lake District words and signs.........

Before saying goodbye to the Lake District and Cumbria, I'm sharing some words and signs I thought were interesting and different.  Most are self-explanatory........some were charming........others cried out for more time to explore, such as this winding track, how I wish I'd walked this one to find the cottage and perhaps a castle.

Below the National Trust's polite notice regarding visiting dogs - the left hand sign, click to enlarge - was so nice to read.

How perfect, a cinema complete with a French film and a vegetarian restaurant - my kind of evening out.

The Lakeland Inn's great British red lion sign silhouetted by the cloudy sky.

One of the many Peter Rabbit and friends signs - never too many because he really is so adorable!

My guess is if you've lived here for a while you automatically will - bend or bump.

A great country pub with the best Ploughman's lunch........

........words unnecessary........

...........and that was the tastiest freshly baked roll ever!

Another pub where the beer was definitely local and the guys thought it excellent.  

Lovely hand-painted sign...............and yes, eating in pubs is always the way to go, great food, fines ales and wines, and less expensive than restaurants.

I would have loved to raise the door knocker to meet 'little Granny' in her tidy town house........and a lane named THE SEAMS caught my eye.

Much of the acreage comprising the Lake District, including the 40,000 acres given to The National Trust by Beatrix Potter, which she purchased from the sales of her Peter Rabbit story books, has to be some of the most beautiful land anywhere.  If you've never visited I hope you can some day..................and of course if you, have you know only too well what I've tried to show you in my photos from Cumbria.

This was a truly wonderful visit to the north of England..........

...........with the sweetest of memories.

I'll be continuing my trip with photos from my home in Devon, way down south.  


  1. So beautiful. I love all the polite signs and terms of speech and I look forward to your next installment. ;-) Pamela

  2. The Lake District will be on my bucket list thanks to your beautiful pictures. I, too, love pub eating, you can't beat the prices or fare.


  3. As with Africa ... I will wait to read (and drool over) your travel posts all at one time ... like reading the best travel book!

  4. This was so interesting - and beautiful, Mary. I would love to wander down some of those paths, too.

  5. Super signs, pictures and memories for you too Mary. Thank you for taking us with you.
    I've never seen a ploughmans served like that, but what a superb idea I just might have to pinch! Looks so tasty, my mouth is watering as I type.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  6. Most certainly it is some of the most beautiful! Thank you for showing me some places I missed on my visit....more to be explored next time!

  7. What a great theme to photo! I think my favorite is the "Bend or Bump"..I think I need to make one for our descending stairs to the basement :-)

  8. I have visited Cumbria several times, and your lovely pics do it justice, it is just too beautiful and quaint in many parts....


  9. Oh Mary you take the most wonderful pictures..makes one feel like we are there.. thanks to you I am able to visit this lovely place 'virtually' and could 'almost' taste that wonderful bread!! yum....

    Thanks for the tour...amazing!

    xoxo Gert

  10. This truly is some of the best landscape I have seen in a while. You could be a travel agent as you have sold me on the Lake District and it will be on my list for a future trip. What great memories you will take back with you.

  11. Mary, I love the places you take us through the lens of your camera. Wonderful post! ~ Sarah

  12. Great photos as ever Mary. You are quite right about the north of England being very beautiful and yet the majority of American tourists never get north of Stonehenge - they miss a great deal. The Peak District where I live and the Yorkshire Moors and Dales and the coast of Northumbria are all wonderful areas to visit. We're off to our place in Lancashire next week and hopefully we'll get up to the Lakes a couple of times while we're there.

  13. Now I really, really want to go there. I could spend money in the Peter Rabbit shop and the Ploughman's lunch looks so very good. How clever to serve it in the napkin, I love it. Then walking those trails and discovering clever signs with a sit down on that beautiful bench. How delightful!

  14. I am going through all your posts now Mary. I have been so busy and i am behind on all the blogs. This post is beautiful!!!!
    I would love to go and see all this one day!

    Pamela xo

  15. No wonder you have such lovely memories - what a trip you had. I love the first sign most of all - a track to a castle - only in England.

  16. I love photos like that! It is always interesting to see what they are named and why people named them with it.
    Take Care,

  17. The more I watch at your photos the more I'm sure I was an english lady in a previous life!!!


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