Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sharing the loveliness of the Lake District......

Don't you just love them?

Just some lovely places to share with you........each signpost pointed to beauty in the Lake District.

Bowness on Lake Windermere - the Hawkshead ferry coming in.

Beautiful old wooden row boats for hire.

 Castlerigg Stone Circle, near Keswick.

Roman aqueduct under blue skies!

Looking toward Tarn Hows.

The fells, still awesome on a cloudy, showery day.

England's ancient, mighty trees.......

................and those thousands of sweet mama sheep with their new offspring.

The walls..........mile after mile, as far as the eye can see, traversing the fields, the hills, the mighty fells......

.....all hand built, dry stacked stones, surely a lifetime of labor by farmers.

Waterfalls.......................filling the lakes.

Evening rainbow over Ullswater.

Lovely lakes................I can't believe it's taken me so long to visit.


  1. These pictures are fabulous! I love the sheep and lambs, and, oh, the lovely moss covered rocks. Thank you for making my morning so delightful!

  2. Here is a place I long to go. I will go there one day, and be sure to visit Hilltop Farm. Actually, It looks very much like parts of North Carolina, minus the stone walls and Roman Aqueduct.

  3. Beautiful - every view. You'll be responsible for a tourism boom!

  4. Oh, I want to visit there!!!! Such peaceful scenes ... with an occassional baaing from Mama Sheep.

  5. I agree with Bonnie. This was a wonderful way to begin the morning. I could practicaly smell the fresh air your pics are so beautiful.

  6. Absolutely lovely! Just looking at your photos reminded me that beauty abounds. We only need to look.

  7. My first visit to your blog. What enchanting photos! I love the lambs. I think they always look good in pictures. I took some at the Biltmore Estate Farm last year, but I don’t see too many around here. The Lake District looks like a top destination.

  8. I think you should work for the tourist board of Cumbria. Actually we have kept it a secret just how beautiful it is. That is why I can wander on an empty beach in Cumbria. Your photographs are really lovely, I want to go and see all these places...and I live here. I can see how much you enjoyed your week Mary. Not so many lambs now, all growing up. Big black clouds here, going to pour down.

  9. Mary, these pictures are so stunning!! I love all of them, especially of the sheep with their babies!! We raised sheep for 7 yrs. when we had our farm. Your pictures reminded me of our trip to Ireland 7 yrs. ago-just enchanting!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Such gorgeous scenery! Now, I really, really want to go back! We were in Keswick and had our photo taken in front of the Keswick Fire Hall I believe, as we also live in Keswick, New Brunswick! Although they call it 'Kessick' over there don't they. Thanks for your lovely comment on my post today. I appreciate you dropping by. Blessings, Pamela

  11. I think the Lake District must move closer to the top of my travel wish list. What beautiful country. I am loving every picture.

  12. What a lovely trip you've taken us on.

  13. Tha Lake District is wonderful isn't it? I've never been to Castle Rigg Stone circle, is it off the beaten track (I've always assumed that it is) or is it fairly easily accessible from the road?

  14. Well, we have never been apart from a one night stay on the way to Scotland. Another place for our bucket list

  15. Breathtaking views.....thanks again for show us how beautiful this part of the world is.

  16. I love all of it! Especially the stone walls which are a favorite of mine! Simply beautiful photos.
    Take Care,


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