Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Keeping calm............carrying on!

A few days ago I spent time cleaning and adding items to my booth at SuzAnna's Antiques. The temperature was down just a wee bit, 90 rather than 98 degrees, phew! SuzAnna's is not air conditioned, therefore it heats up quickly under the tin roof.

I'm hoping the shoppers will be out soon, looking for treasures to lighten and brighten their homes and gardens now that Summer is almost here. May was a rather slow shopping month due most likely to all the bustling about for graduations, and the Memorial Day holiday when many people leave town for the beach.

Several pieces I expected to sell quickly are still hanging around, waiting for the buyer who can't resist. Guess this business is like that and patience is required.  I doubt seriously that many people get rich this way, but it sure is fun and you meet the nicest people.

These warm afternoons mean stopping for a refreshing drink.........a chilled lemonade, an iced coffee............or even a nice cuppa................

...........this fragrant loose tea from my friend Delila in Finland is being enjoyed.  I love the name "The Emperor's Bride", the flavor is slightly fruity.  I'm making a pot on these hot afternoons and enjoying sipping from my new Emma Bridgewater small mug, a treat to myself when shopping in Devon recently - perfect for tea and a change from a cup and saucer.  Part of the Black Toast & Marmalade group, this little mug is aptly named A VERY USEFUL MUG.

So, living by these now well known British words from the WWII era (I purchased two of these great pillows while home in the UK), I'm hoping I can keep calm and carry on through these oppressive Summer months ahead - the unusually hot, dry Spring already has us, and our gardens, frazzled and fried here in the Southeast!  


Thought you'd enjoy seeing some of the great potting tables now displayed at SuzAnna's Antiques. 

Such a great way to use odd and ends..........

...............and here below, just had to share the new dressing room for trying on the amazing assortment of vintage clothing now for sale at SuzAnna's.

We'd love to have you stop by if you live in the area or are passing through on your Summer travels.


  1. You have so many interesting items for sale and if I lived close by I'd really enjoy shopping there ;-) I love the potting tables - very fancy but a good use of odds and ends. I can't believe it's *that* hot there! We may hit 80 today then it will cool down again. Stay cool! Blessings, Pamela

  2. Looks like a wonderful place to hunt for treasures. I'd love to stop by, but I live in New York. So many pretty items, I hope they find homes soon!

  3. Mary, you have wonderful things for sale at your booth!! I love all those potting tables-just wonderful! Hope people come in droves to your booth over the next few days!

  4. Love the things you have in your booth. There are lots of great and interesting buys in there. But, I'd give my eye teeth for one of those potting sheds. Wow

  5. Awwww dear! I'm so happy with my little table! It looks just perfect here! Thank you! I'm thinking the house needs more white goodies... will have to go back to she shop soon... Have a great day! Your booth is looking fabulous! Love, Vanessa

  6. Hope things pick up for you soon, I imagine a few cooler days would help, not much fun shopping when temps are in the high 90s. I love that pile of pretty flowered plates near the Keep Calm cushion.

  7. Your booth looks so interesting, Mary. If I lived nearby it would be on my regular route!
    I love that Emma Bridgewater pattern too - something so very unsentimental and straightforward about it that works for early in the morning.

  8. You have such lovely things for sale Mary :o) I love the large shell and beautiful tureens. Hope the shoppers turn out in droves for you!
    I used to sell at antique/collectors fairs and still have 'stock' in the loft. I've looked at having a booth or shelf space here in the UK to sell off the stock but the monthly cost is too prohibative.I'll stick to the local little table top sales as and when I think.
    Enjoy the rest of the week. Best wishes
    Rose H

  9. Wish I could stop by, but just not right now - it's too hot for me. I am liking my cooler Northwest. Love your new little mug and the tea.

  10. Looks like you are "carrying on" beautifully. If I could sprout wings I'd be a frequent shopper. I'm loving that little three legged table. Think it's too big to ship? ;-)
    ~ sarah

  11. So many goodies to look at! I know I could come home with quite a bit!
    Take Care,


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