Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meeting incredible artists.................

We only had a little time!
Could, would, our plan to meet up at Manchester airport early in the morning work?  Me off the overnight flight from across the pond.......Delila fresh from her flight from Finland.......Eileen hopping off the train from the North to collect her guest and whisk her away for a long awaited first ever visit to England!

Delila, Mary and Eileen

It did, we did! Over cups of British train station tea - thanks Eileen - we hugged, chatted, and exchanged gifts.  DH was as excited as I was getting to meet new blog friends - he's always so good about that. 
Just who are these incredible, talented, sweet ladies?  If you've not visited their blogs you've been missing out.

Eileen is an amazing artist who lives in Cumbria, close to the shore and the beautiful Lake District........lucky gal!  She uses the pen name Milly on her blog, and she is just delightful to talk to. Her exquisite illustrations include beautiful items from Nature, found near the water when she takes her interesting walks.  You will feel you are walking alongside her at the tide line as she collects shells, feathers, leaves, small creatures, seaweed...the flotsam and jetsam of the sea. You will so enjoy her blog, Drawings From Naturehere. Do stop by and tell her I sent you to enjoy her art.  She has been featured in UK Country Living magazine. 

Eileen's beautiful gift to me was her portfolio of 8 drawings.  These cards may have to be framed to hang on a wall - I don't think I can ever part with them.

Thank you Eileen for this lovely gift. 


Sweet Delila and I have been 'chatting' via our blogs for some time.  From snow covered Finland last Winter, she shared her dreams of creating jewelry and paper treasures depicting the loveliness of Nature which she views in the woodland. She is studying horticulture, and sometimes works in a florist shop in a small town near to her country home.  It was serendipitous learning she was going to make a longed for visit to England as Eileen's guest...............and that we were arriving at Manchester airport on the very same morning in May!

The beautiful gift made by Delila - with a gorgeous tag.

It sits on the buffet in my dining room where I can glance over and view it whenever I'm sitting here at the computer. I really love this piece of art.

Delila's Nature inspired necklaces.  I actually won the robin and rust crocheted necklace on her blog giveaway a few months back, and then purchased the other two from her Etsy shop...........asking her to bring them with her rather than send them in the post.  They are delightful and bring many compliments.

Delila also gifted me with wonderful Finnish tea, chocolate, and magazines - I'm enjoying all so much, thank you.
Go here to view Delila's blog Robin and the Sage  where she shares great photos and stories of her week in England - tell her I sent you.

How about this.........we three also met up again at Beatrix Potter's Hill Top home!  We kept in touch and managed to plan to be there at the same time for another brief but fun meeting.
Hey, when you have a chance to meet blog friends from around the world, go for it, say I.


  1. Hi Mary, that sounds like a great meeting and to get together in the Lake District too, what a great place and I am sure the tea was better there!! What lovely gifts they gave you and wonderful mementoes. My hubby and I are visiting Normandy later in the month and we are meeting up with Maggie and her husband from Normandy Life. They are Brits who moved to France a few years ago. We are going to visit a Château and have afternoon tea with them!!

    I am going to pop over to see the blogs of the two ladies you met. Have a great day, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  2. So wonderful to meet new blogging friends! I'm sure they were just as happy as you! What lovely gifts you received, both of them have a wonderful talent. Your trip news and photos are always a delight!
    Take Care & hugs to both of you!

  3. How wonderful!! I never though about meeting blog friends in other countries.

    I am off to visit their blogs...

  4. Sounds like a lovely day! I will be checking them out! Love your blog! Bonnie

  5. Mary this was such a wonderful post!! i am so glad we met, i think it was meant to be so.

  6. Mary it was a really nice encounter, the three of us meeting for the first time , and it felt like we were old friends. You are such a thoughtful person, thank you.

  7. Meeting blog friends is the best. How wonderful for you. Their art is beautiful too. I must go visit.

  8. Oh Mary - what a treat! I've loved 'Milly's' work since we first 'met' four years ago on the Country Living blog. I was lucky enough to win her giveaway earlier this year - what a thrill that was!


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