Thursday, October 20, 2011

Living the dream.........................

I'm off today..........flying to San Francisco for the start of another dream trip.  

Being hugged on arrival by Paula will put me at ease...........she has a way of making travel seem effortless, and me safe. She has traveled to the wild outposts of the planet for many years. Remember last year when she took me to Africa, an awesome time where, besides seeing wild animals up close, I overcame my fear of flying in helicoptersCome December, we will celebrate 49 years of hugs. I am so thankful for such an awesome best friend. I know all will go well when we leave together on Saturday, flying first to LA, then the 13-1/2 hour journey to Auckland, New Zealand.  

It will be Monday, Oct. 24(always a day ahead while 'down under')when we arrive and board the Orion, sailing that evening on our 14 day expedition to the sub-Antarctic islands, followed by a week in Australia. I am so excited!

I'll miss being able to check in with you every day but, when I do have Internet available, I'll definitely post and let you know how the trip is going. Hopefully I can share some photos from a very remote area of the world.
Thanks for all your best wishes for my adventure.


  1. Mary!!
    how awesome..
    best friends for 49 years!!
    and best traveling buddies also..
    yay!! for this upcoming trip..
    I for one am so excited..
    and perhaps a tad green with envy..
    but shall be anticipating your photos again..
    just as i did with the African Adventure!!
    Bon Voyage!!

  2. Oh Mary, You and your friend Paula will have such a wonderful trip with so many new things to see. I'll be praying for your safe travels and thinking of you as you venture the world down under. God speed my friend! Pamela

  3. Have a wonderful time, my adventurous friend! We'll all look forward to traveling vicariously!

  4. My dear! Have a safe flight! I will be missing you lots. Have a wonderful time! Love, Vanessa

  5. I am so very excited for you! What an amazing trip this will be. Have a wonderful time! We will be waiting to hear all about it on your return.

  6. Bon voyage! Safari mzuri! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  7. Best wishes for a fun and safe trip!!


  8. Safe travels!! Enjoy your latest adventure...I'll look forward to enjoying your stories afterward.

  9. Oh how I wish you were able to spend some time traveling New Zealand...It is magical...

  10. Mary, I'll be thinking of you and Paula every day. What an amazing adventure awaits. I'll look for those posts..........Bon Voyage, dear friend!
    Big hugs ~ Sarah

  11. Dear Mary,
    Thanks for letting us come along on the trip with you this way, I'm enjoying reading about every step you take.
    Love, love, love the new header!

  12. Always late but not too late to wish you bon voyage and a host of wonderful adventures.

  13. I'll be thinking of you and your adventures with Paula. I know just how much a dear friend means.

  14. It is wonderful to have a friend for so long. My mom has a friend who still lives in Scotland, and they have been friends for over 60 years! I hope the two of you have a wonderful time together, and bring back lots of memories.
    Take Care,


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