Monday, October 10, 2011

A decor moment, well actually five minutes!

Because I'm going to be away so long, 
missing much of the Autumn season 
and Halloween, 
I decided not to decorate outside this year, however........... 

...............while out doing all those garden chores all last week, I decided I just had to add at least a little Autumn decor at the cottage entry.  I gathered my new pumpkins, my old gourds, my ancient English stoneware crocks, a vintage crate, a burlap sack, added a pretty pot of chrysanthemums.........voila, we're ready for Fall around here.

That only took five minutes and was certainly worth the effort!


Happy Thanksgiving 
to all my dear Canadian friends.



  1. It looks lovely Mary! Five minutes well spent.

  2. Lovely dear! Simple and beautiful! Have a wonderful day, miss you!

  3. Thank you for the good wishes, Mary!
    I know what you mean about not decorating because one will be away - but why shouldn't you enjoy your outdoor vignette for the few days that you'll be home?

  4. Love what you've done to the entry, do have a wonderful time :o)
    Welcome as a new follower Mary, I look forward to your visits!
    Rose H

  5. Mary, how clever to use a mirror to reflect all that gorgeousness!

  6. You've got the touch! While you are gallivanting around the southern hemisphere in the midst of their spring you can remember your lovely porch corner at home, waiting for your return.

  7. It looks just perfect, Mary. Autumn perfection.

  8. fall decorating is so easy to do... just let all the gourds do the talking... :-))

  9. Your decor is perfect! I really, really need some pumpkins and gourds. The mums look lonely sitting on my porch.

  10. As always Mary, I love your vignettes. The cottage entry one makes me feel very "autumnal". I'm still lurking - I read all your posts but seldom make the time to comment. Thanks for visiting me the other day. I am frantically trying to finish fall bulb planting and cleanup. October can be so capricious in ND.

  11. I love fall decorating! Yours looks just right!
    Take Care & big hugs to the two of you!


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