Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reality Shot Thursday.......

The detritus of everyday living.
A reality.  

Much of it comes from the outdoor spaces around our homes.
Autumn cleanup is underway..................and we've got the trash cans to prove it!

Can't be more real than this.  The Wednesday morning line-up at the curb awaiting the rumbling of the city garbage trucks.  Three come, regular household waste, garden waste, and recycling.  Thank goodness our taxes are good for something. 

Lawn reseeding - resulting in a tangle of hoses and sprinklers - has us busy.  "Water every seed, every day, for 3 weeks" is the mantra imprinted on my overworked brain each year at this time.  Fortunately we've been having lots of sunny days, it's pleasant to be outside working tripping over untidy snaking hoses and dodging quick cold water showers.

Usually our cans are up on the lawn - a city law - but DH is vehemently protecting his new grass seed along the curb area so we're placing them on the street this week.  Please don't tell!

Who would ever have thought I'd be actually photographing my nasty trash cans............and then showing them to you, my neat and tidy blogging buddies.
Only for today though!

Another fun Reality Shot Thursday with Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage.
Come join us and share something messy, disorganized, ugly, even clean up required for this party!
This is a lot of fun I assure you and it's great to know that nobody has a perfect home all the time.


  1. Oh, this is good, you should see how we put out our rubbish bags on Wednesdays.
    Maybe I'll be brave enough to share that image, next week?

  2. Rubbish!! We all have our trash, and some more than others. Tonight we have ours lined up as well. Coincidence?

    I like the meme...I have plenty to show with my kitchen being torn up...maybe I will join in!


  3. Love the reality of trash cans, Mary! We pay high taxes here and yet we have no trash pick-up....we have to take our trash to the dump! Hmmm. Life in the country, I guess.

    Even with the reality of the trash cans, I like your hilly, leafy neighborhood. It looks older and established. Kind of reminds me of the neighborhood I grew up in. Thanks so much for joining, adopted sis!


  4. I like your trashy cans and snaking hoses! Hope your grass seed comes in beautifully! Ann

  5. Garbage/trash/rubbish - call it what you will, it is an integral part of our lives so it is good to see those bins lined up ready for collection. In some countries of the world there would be no such luxury.

  6. Don't worry Mary, we all have trash and it all goes to the roadside. We use bags and I have to wrap the one with food scraps in it with an old sheet to keep the crows out! We have recycle bins that go out once a month - not often enough with all the packaging and flyers we get! I hope your grass comes back. Our lawn is so green from our rainy summer but most of the green is weeds!! Pamela

  7. Wow! Look at all your trash! Never before has reality made the blog posts! Hahaha Your garden looks beautiful - such green. It's pouring here . . . again. Tarps are still on the roof from Irene. Hope your grass is just as beautiful as the rest of your yard. Love, Linda

  8. I love pick-up day for the garbage and re-cycling. Keeps me organized in that area at least.
    Regarding your question on my blog about chalk paint - several bloggers have figured out/found out how to mix their own chalk paint which is great. I haven't tried 'mix it yourself' yet but I will. The ASCP dries quickly with a slight powdery feel and only settles in after waxing. (make sure you wait 24 hours so the paint is bonded on to the object, otherwise it peels off). I use any clear paste wax I have around but I suspect the wax sold by ASCP would be great to use. I am enjoying using chalk paint but it is a pretty expensive paint.
    - Joy

  9. Funny, but here in Portland we are suppose to put the cans in the street at the curb. At the end of this month they are starting a new program, collecting garbage every other week, recycle every week,yard debris every week, and food scraps every week. We will be given a small bucket for the food scraps only.

  10. Green garden always need so much care. And hard work in each and every sessions. Garbage/trash/rubbish, you can say as you want. There are lots of name. It is an integral part of lives so it is good to see those bins lined up ready for collection. In some countries of the world there would be no such luxury.

  11. Oh, garbage day is always such a lovely day on the street. LOL Love your beautiful front yard looks pretty to me!

  12. A lot of hard work goes into your beautiful yard!


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