Saturday, October 8, 2011

October Garden Visitors..........

Every morning this wren visits the front porch.  I like to think it's always the same little bird, but of course it may be any one of the family that has been hanging out here, nesting in Spring for several years and presenting us with new babies.  It usually sits on the back of the wicker chair, looks in the dining room window, chirps a few times, then flies off.  Am I dreaming in thinking that it comes to say "good morning" as I sit here blogging and e-mailing?  Perhaps.  But what a sweet dream.

Front porch - Carolina wren in Autumn

The sedum is still attracting numerous bees, still preferring the tiny delicate flowers to the nearby bold chrysanthemums. They hang around all day and thankfully have not attacked me as I go about garden chores in this area - pruning, weeding, mulching, watering etc.  These two were pushing and shoving, both interested in sampling the sweet nectar from the same flowerhead.

I did notice on the recent first cool, cloudy morning, the bees seemed to be sleeping on the flowers, staying very still and not moving when I gently tapped the plant - when the sun came out they started buzzing around again.

These last of the Summer visitors are so welcome in the garden and right now the good weather has brought them the best blooms of the year to enjoy in the perfect Autumn sunshine.


  1. Our bees are long gone, as are the blossoms they busied themselves with, but our Carolina wrens have beebread quite chatty around a nest in our front yard bushes. They have something to say each time we come out the front door.

  2. Mary these shots are simply stunning!
    They could have come straight from the pages of a magazine.

  3. beautiful pictures. Too soon it will be very cold and the little bees will be gone, the birds will be shivering in the frigid air and looking for food. But, next spring here they come again.

  4. I have a few birds here with unique marking, and they do indeed come every day to my feeder. One is a Cardinal that I have fed since he was young and his father before him. It does make this house more precious to know that these are my animal friends. Your photographs are so beautiful. I think the bees are winding down and will pass into bee heaven soon.... I am sure feasting on your plants are making them happy.

    HUGS Lorraine

  5. Do bees hibernate? talking about bee heaven made me wonder if I am wrong. I know here in New England I find allot of them dead on the ground around now, but perhaps there is greater highs for the Honey Bee?

    Lorraine again :)

  6. That was like a lovely little visit to the Land of Summer, where bees buzz in October and summer colours endure. Lovely!

  7. Mary, what incredible shots of the bees. I'm sure that little wren is greeting you each morning. No doubt they enjoy living in your garden. ~ sarah

  8. You take such wonderful photos of the birds and the bees! I love all the detail we can see.

  9. What incredible photos Mary!!! I love the wren one especially! What type of camera do you have?

  10. Your blog is beautiful this evening. I just noticed the header, hope it's new too (can't believe I could miss that). Your photos are wonderful - life is so good.... Can you tell we're getting rain? Happy Sunday!

  11. Love your photos, Mary. That bird is definitely wishing you a good morning. Our bees will hopefully slow down soon - we've been dealing with some aggressive honey bees this year.


  12. Such pretty photos, they are all storing up for the winter to come.
    Take Care,


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