Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Take me to the country, please..........

He came to visit. Practiced gymnastics on the feeders, enjoying our birdseed and suet. Scattered it on the ground to feed our other visiting wildlife, the foxes. Made us nervous when we went outside in the dark of night. Lumbered noisily about on the back deck when I was home alone.

Animal Control brought the trap on Sunday morning. By Sunday at dusk he was in there, the temptation too strong to resist. A tummy full of cat food.  Quiet and docile....until I walked up to him telling him I was sorry he couldn't stay in the garden.  Then he hissed and lunged at me.

Rocky Raccoon has left the garden...........taken away in a pickup truck.

I hope they will move him to the country where he will live a long life. I love wild animals, just not this close to home. Rabies is often found in raccoons here in North Carolina, therefore care must be taken at all times when these creatures decide to take up residence right outside the back door.

Edited 10/19/2011 - 8:30 AM
This morning we discovered another garden visitor, a fully grown Opossum. We had requested the trap reset after Rocky had gone on his country vacation in hopes we might catch any other raccoons, or perhaps a feral cat (we have several in the neighborhood). Polly Possum has just been removed along with the trap.......hopefully to be relocated to a nice country estate later today.


  1. Bye bye Rocky & Mary hope you both enjoy your new surroundings.

  2. Good by Rocky and Polly! Raccoons can be really nasty and so can O'pposums, glad they are gone! Now you can rest.

  3. What incredible wild life you get there! All we see apart from the birds are rabbits and squirrels - and the occasional fox.

  4. Aah! I love a happy ending Mary :o)

  5. Gosh, Mary. It is so pretty and inviting at your place that the critters can't resist.♥

  6. Mary,
    Glad that you were able to remove your "visitors"! Are you keeping the trap around for a while? Having them at your doorstep is just too close.

  7. Oh you are certainly having the adventure with the wild life so nearby. I don't think we have opossums, but the raccoons I know travel through our yard. You do have a lovely yard that any wild life would just love.

  8. You are getting your share of critters, Mary. We have both varieties that you had and it is a little nerve wracking to go out at night. They are attracted to the smell of garbage. I put my food scraps in a small plastic bag and then in the larger bag before it goes out to the bin. That seems to have helped a bit.


  9. Sounds like some exciting visitors visiting your home. We have an opossum that appears at random times. I am sure we have raccoons and armadillos. We have recently seen an increase in coyotes. They do make me a little nervous.

  10. They do show up when you don't want them to, however, we see quite a few on the roadside if you know what I mean. We even have coyotes going about.


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