Monday, October 3, 2011

It's all in a name.........

For some reason my dear mother was named Gladys - a very Welsh name for a very English lady.  We had not a smidgen of Welshness in our family history that we know of.  Her sisters were Madge, May, Edith, and of course I wonder now, when it's far too late to question, how they got their names too.  Gladys never liked her name, saying it was not only Welsh, but old-fashioned, and it didn't fit her personality!  
A little research tells me Gladys is derived from Gwladys or Gwladus, and it means royalty (princess), or the flower gladiolus. I think my mother would have been pleased had she known those facts.  She came close to royalty as a dressmaker to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (our present Queen's mother), and she grew the most beautiful gladioli (sword lilies) in our garden when I was a child!

Gladys, me (c. 1991)................and Gladys!

Last week the mail brought a quite unexpected parcel from my blog friend Claudia of Mockingbird Hill Cottage in New York.  Inside was 'Gladys', sweet little half of a salt and pepper set!  Claudia had received her in a group of vintage trinkets from a friend and shown her on the blog.  When I commented how I would have had a few tears if I opened a package and actually found something with my mother's name on it, bless her heart, she packaged little china Gladys up and sent her along to me.
Did I shed tears?  You bet I did!

Blogging friends are the best.  Thank you again dear Claudia, your thoughtfulness is so appreciated.


  1. Oh, melte my heart, Mary .. Claudie is a gem, isn't she.
    I've never seen one like this before. I wonder, the antique dealer part of me, if this was a carnival 'win' where back in the good ol' days they would write your name on things you won. How lovely ... wipe your tears, enjoy your gift & memories.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. I adore the picture of your and your Mom. How sweet Claudia was to send you Gladys...

  3. Try combining this post with the dreamy music you play ... guaranteed tears for anyone with a soft heart.

  4. You must have been thrilled to receive your little Gladys figure.It's funny how some names have such an old-fashioned feel to them. My name is another in that category and I really didn't like it until I started doing family history and discovered that it was the name of my mother, gt grandmother and gt-gt-aunt going back to 1810 - with those associations it became much more meaningful and now I'm happy with it.

  5. I can understand why this would make you weepy, love the photograph of the two of you.
    How kind of Claudia to have gifted the little Gladys to you.

  6. I love seeing Gladys next to the photo of you and your mother. She just had to be in your home.

  7. What a sweet thing to do :o)
    My Mom's name is Gladys too - she hates it and is known by her middle name Mary!
    Your photo is a real treasure.

  8. What a special remembrance and gift. I have an Aunt Gladys. Now I wonder if she knows how special her name is. A college friend also shares that name and her email is gladiola. The salt shaker is such a touching gift and I am amazed that this name is on it. How very special.

  9. Mary, what a thoughtful gift. I love seeing the photo of you and your mom.
    Catching up reading tonight, but little time to comment, so will say "hello" on this post only. ~ Sarah

  10. What a sweet gift, and a beautiful photo of the two of you!


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