Monday, October 17, 2011

It's the corners of home............

.............that are special. The little nooks and crannies one often misses when far from home. I'm whizzing about getting ready to leave, but I find it so hard to shut that door behind me!

By the time I get back, the hearth will be set for Winter fires.  New logs will have been delivered and stacked. Bob's 'Winter fireside chair' will be down from the guest room, ready for toe warming evenings, perhaps a roasted chestnut or two. The Summer rosé wine will be a memory, instead glasses of deep ruby will be clinked in the firelight.

I do love to travel and see new places, but I'm also a real homebody who has a hard time leaving my familiar domicile to venture off into remote corners of the world. I'm not really that brave. That probably all sounds ridiculous but, until I'm strapped in that seat on the first lap of a journey, when all the goodbyes have been said, the bags hopefully stowed in the belly of that big bird, and the wheels go up, I'm still wishing I could stay home! 

I'll miss sitting here, reading your blogs and sharing something important, trivial, or downright silly with you each morning as I sip that first eye-opening cup of coffee.  Will miss looking out at the front porch where the daily wren comes to chirp, and on toward the feeder swaying in an early Fall breeze as the woodpecker, chickadees, and cardinals come for breakfast.

Projects are waiting. I purchased these old starched collars some time ago thinking I'd create something artistic for the wall. The oil painting doesn't fit there behind my Grandmother's lovely vase, when I get back I'll hang it somewhere more appropriate.  

Creative juices have not been flowing lately. Hunting for antique and vintage treasures has been pushed to the back burner, where the longing to visit thrift shops and such simmers in silence.  

Talk about simmering..............not much cooking has been going on here either.  Quick meals with some homemade soups now and then.  A lovely dinner at our neighbors' home to wish me bon voyage (and celebrate my birthday early!), and a run to the local Panera Bread, quick and tasty. 

Yes, to travel to remote places is different. The planning takes much more time, the coordinating is time consuming.  You need an adventurous best friend who has done it before, and, when she already has great friends waiting on the other side of the world to welcome you and take you sightseeing, it's even better. I am truly blessed and thankful.



  1. Well I hope all the to do list got sorted!
    Mary do have a wonderful time, enjoy every moment. Seeing all the different islands and capturing it through your camera. Then you will have the pleasure of coming back to your lovely home...and husband of course.
    Good luck, safe journey and look forward to seeing the photographs.

  2. I'm a homebody, too, and every time I go away, I dread leaving my home. I totally understand. Once you get on your way and start seeing new places, you'll feel much better. Then you'll have a wonderful homecoming to look forward to.


  3. I know exactly how you feel. I love that I am home, living through you vicariously. I do love to travel, but I am also a home body. Now if you called me up today and said there was room for one more...I would jump at the chance. But planning a great get away is something different.

    Have a wonderful time. I will miss you.

  4. Oh Mary, I do hope and pray you and Bob have a wonderful and safe trip to the other side of the world! I can't wait to hear all about it and see your beautiful photos. Take care and God bless!! Pamela

  5. I think I know how you feel...I have a lust for travel, Yet I am very attached to my home and family. Once I am at my destination I am fine. But I do love the anticipation I feel on the flight home!!

    Happy Birthday in advance, Mary!!


  6. Mary, I think we all have a pang of fear before going off on a trip.; leaving the comfort and safety of home. But once off and away those feelings quickly melt into joy and excitement. I know you are going to have a fabulous adventure. Can't wait to see and hear all about it. An early birthday wish to you, dear friend.
    Bon Voyage! Travel safely!
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  7. I get it - I really do. Until I'm on the way I'm always a breath away from saying 'I'll just stay home'. You'll have a wonderful time, of course, but it's alright to miss home!

  8. Mary I love these corners of your home and the photos are fabulous!!

  9. So many of us seem to share that same sense of trepidation just before setting off on a trip. I think that sometimes I could easily talk myself out of doing something if only all the arrangements hadn't been set in place.
    Once on my way though I relish the adventure, as I'm sure you do too.
    Have a marvellous trip, make the most of that special friendship and show everyone what an intrepid Lady you are!!

  10. Mary,
    every time I leave home I cannot wait to get back. I get excited about trips but once away I think - " wish I was home in my comfy chair or my feather bed on my laptop. Watching the birds on the feeder outside on the deck or gazing at the hawks riding the thermals above the house.
    BUT, if you never go away you don't appreciate what you have; so my friend, have a wonderful expedition with Paula.
    Make sure you do & see everything to report back when you are sitting in front of your flickering fire.
    Have a fab time and tell Bob I will be thinking of him and wish I was closer to cook him a roast dinner.
    Love you both

  11. I'll be thinking of you while you are on this new adventure. Have a wonderful journey.

  12. I'll be missing you every single day! I was so sad for being sick and not being able to see you, and hug you. I'll be thinking of you, wishing you a happy birthday, and hopeing you are having a wonderful time. Love you, Vanessa

  13. Oh Mary we shall truly miss you...but will love to travel with you through your amazing photos! I know you will miss your home..but your travels will be so worth it all. Bless you and have safe travels!


  14. Happy travels! You will be missed, but oh the stories waiting to be heard and read. Hugs to you as you travel!

  15. I'm the same way. I always have to run back in, double check, wish I could stay home, but once on the road then it gets exciting. You will definitely have fun on this one!
    Take Care,


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