Sunday, October 9, 2011

Orion Expedition Cruise...not long now!

The bad news is a huge container ship has run aground on a reef off the beautiful Bay of Plenty on the north island of New Zealand.  Oil is already leaking out and the ship may sink causing a gigantic oil spill. Some sea birds, including penguins, have already washed ashore dead or coated with oil.  Praying that the powers that be can remove the oil, along with the containers, before the ship sinks and causes a environmental catastrophe.

More news, the good being my ship will be coming in very soon and hopefully I'll be there to jump aboard!  We will leave from Auckland, NZ and, wait for it, more bad news, it looks like we could be close to the area of the stranded ship on the voyage to our first stop, the Chatham Islands.  

~~~ M/V Orion ~~~ 
Zodiacs used to access the remote islands

I wasn't expecting this!  A package from Sydney, Australia was delivered to the door recently.  It contained an elegant zippered binder containing everything I need to know about the upcoming expedition on the Orion.

The page in the brochure above shows New Zealand. Orion departs from Auckland at the top of the north island, sails to the chain of sub-Antarctic islands in a southerly direction, then turns north to Tasmania where we'll disembark following two full weeks of what has to be an awesome adventure.

Paula and I are hoping to get great photos from the wall of windows and balcony in our suite on Deck 5. You can also read the list of other places available to fill our days at sea. I'm hoping to be able to post to my blog and share shipboard life with you.

Packing frenzy is underway!  Trying different bags in the quest to have everything manageable.  As the trip will be through two opposite ranges of temperatures - cold, possibly wet, in the sub-Antarctic, hot once we reach Australia - this is not easy.  


  1. Oh to dream! You are going to have a wonderful time Mary :o)

  2. What a wonderful trip you ahve got ahead of you!

  3. I'll be praying that the spill is handled quickly and efficiently. What a shame!

    I'm going to enjoy "following" you on your next adventure. The Orion looks like it's just the right size to make new friends!

    Have a happy Sunday,

  4. Oh you must be getting exciting with the trip looming, and the brochures make it all look so lovely. We were reading about the cargo ship, hope the oil can be contained.
    Packing is always tricky but just remember the important things, such as your camera!
    Looking forward to following your trip...and I am sure you and Paula will have a great time.x

  5. You are always so good about taking us along on your adventures! I cannot wait till we leave!!

  6. What a wonderful trip. I know you have such a high in the excitement category. Can't wait for you to post some pictures.

  7. Mary, first let me say I will share my sister with you. She is so wonderful and I am so blessed to have her in my life. If you think she is a good blog friend well let me tell you she is an even better sister. Now can I say how JEALOUS I am for your trip? It sounds amazing and I can't wait to hear all about it.

  8. What an exciting adventure you will soon have. I hope you get some good close-ups. We will be waiting to see all your pictures. You have some decisions to make about packing – but do bring some very good binoculars – not to mention a couple of cameras. What fun you are going to have!

  9. Wow, I'm starting to get excited for you. Have fun! God bless you adventures. Remember we want a picture of you in your cold weather gear. ;)

    Enjoy this time.

  10. What a dream of a trip! I'll be tuning in for all reports.

  11. I would be beside myself with excitement when that package arrived. You will have a wonderful, amazing time - I just know you will. Too bad you don't have time to explore in New Zealand, it is a beautiful country to visit. It has been many years since I was there, but I fell in love with it.

  12. Have a fabulous adventure, dear friend!! Like others have said, can't wait to come along on this adventure with you and Paula via blog postings!! Safe travels....Jeannette

  13. That was wonderful to receive such helpful information!


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