Friday, October 14, 2011

Shut the door behind you..............

I have a very busy few days ahead preparing for the big adventure.  Heading out to the West coast next Thursday means I must get all my ducks in a row this weekend!  Sadly I'm having to turn down invites to morning coffees at Starbucks, afternoon cups of tea, shopping excursions to the Vintage Village and SuzAnna's Antiques, or just hanging out somewhere relaxing and watching the leaves change color! 

New readers may not know about the adventure on the horizon.  Long time blog friends, and just about everyone I come in contact with in this large capital city, is bored to death aware of my somewhat wild trip to the sub-Antarctic islands on an expedition ship.  Hopefully YOU are not bored yet because I do want you come along with me.

As I'd no idea what to post today, my blogging brain is on overload with travel details, I just decided to add a few photos of beautiful doors..............before my own shuts fast behind me as I leave home.

All these lovelies were taken on my last two trips home to England.  Some I've shared before.  Cottage doorways are so inviting, you long for someone to open the door and invite you inside to look around..........................

 ............even the walls are waiting to be admired and captured by the lens..........English country walls of stone and slate are also home to ferns, vines, and tiny flowering plants that thrive in little soil, and a lot of rain!

Roses and doorways are a given - especially rambling varieties.

Although more gates than doors, these outdoor entrances along the cliff walk in my home town, beckon "come on in" and you know you would love to see the gardens and houses behind the walls!

Unusual church entry - perhaps I should be popping in here, kneeling down and asking that we will have a safe trip through those possibly rough seas!

Lock me up today, don't let me gallivant around town, I've so much to do behind my own door. Off now to check the 'to do' list which seems to grow daily and get crossed through slowly!  I'll post again before leaving.  Meanwhile dear blog friend, enjoy your Autumn weekend wherever you are.  


  1. Such wonderful doors! I loved the lavender one on the church.

  2. How beautiful! I love doorways and gates and am so drawn to them on my rambles.
    By now you are practically counting the hours to your trip - so glad you're taking me along with you!

  3. Great looking lavender church door... I don't attend, but I do find the doors of churches to all be gorgeous and unique.

  4. Fabulous shots Mary, love them all.
    Hope you find time to relax this weekend despite all your last minute preparations for the voyage.
    You lucky, lucky girl!

  5. Have a wonderful day scurrying around getting ready for your ADVENTURE! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it on your return.

    Beautiful doors and walls - such character.

  6. Such lovely doors, blue my favorite! I fear my ankles/knees/hips would never survive the cobblestones! Can't wait to accompany you on yet another wild journey!

  7. All these doors are just wonderful, thanks for the little visions of mystery and beauty...yes, I want to be asked/invited to enter through all of them and see what's on the other side! Soon you'll be seeing what's on the other side of this globe of ours. May the seas be calm and the days full of interesting adventures!

  8. I think you found some of the most marvelous doors Mary! Hope you get through your lists in time ;o) and enjoy the packing - such a great adventure awaits.

  9. Mary these photos are so pretty. I love old houses and old doors and gates. Have fun preparing for your wonderful trip! Blessings, Pamela

  10. Everything is so lovely Mary! Thanks for sharing those photos with us! Have a wonderful trip!!

  11. What to say!! the photos are like a dream of doors.. I want to live in the houses over multiple life times and watch the flowers open and close. Mary you have a gift and where ever you go it will be beautiful.

    I do look forward to your journey photos and your thoughts on traveling and what you see and feel.

    I do not travel enough because of my bad back, I do miss it.

    HUGS Lorraine

  12. I love old windows and doors so I love this post best of all!! Have a great time on your adventure, keep safe, love Jackie in Surrey, UK.xx

  13. Mary, I love doors and tend to photograph them too. Especially drawn to door knockers. Love gates as well. ;-)
    I'm so happy you are going to take us along on your adventure. Can't wait for the first photos to get posted.
    We are just home from France. I've a little something for you, but will wait to put it in the mail.
    Travel safely, dear one. Hugs ~ Sarah

  14. When one door closes, another opens. Love the red one set in the stone wall. Have a terrific trip -- fair winds to you and your shipmates.

  15. Hi dear! Yes, I have been posting in Portuguese, just experimenting at least. I checked the google translate, and when it carries you to the page where it says that the page is already in English, there's a little box on the top where you can switch languages. I don't know for how long I will keep posting in Portuguese, but hopefully not for too long. I can't wait to see you this Monday!! Love, Vanessa

  16. I loved seeing all of the doors. It often leads you to wonder whats on the other side, especially the colorful ones!
    Take Care,


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