Sunday, October 2, 2011

More treasures at SuzAnna's Antiques.........

I was back and forth to SuzAnna's Antiques several times last weekend, dropping off and picking up my granddaughter who works there part time.  Even though I've given up my booth I knew I'd be in and out often..................not only treasure hunting and visiting friends, but buying now and then when something special caught my eye.......and didn't cost an arm and a leg!

I loved the bags above, however my big find was really special.......... old, heavy, 14" tall chalkware crowned religious statue with wonderful original paint. Last year, before Christmas, I was searching everywhere for something like this ending up with a plain white Madonna found on e-Bay.  I wanted to use it in my holiday decor and it did look really nice, this one is even more beautiful. The antique lace-edged silk hankie is in shreds but came with it.  I'll show her again later in my home - not going to hide her away until Christmas.


  1. What a fabulous find and a wonderful addition to your home.

  2. Mary, what a beautiful statue! I can't wait to see where you put her in your house!

  3. Mary, thank you for figuring out my Mystery Caterpillar! I just updated my blog with the info :)

    That statue is a real find. The colors are so smoothing and ethereal. I would have snatched it up too!

    Your blog friend, Lorraine

  4. Beautiful statue. Is she holding anything? Her crown and bold necklace make me think she represents St. Margaret of Scotland. Just a guess...

  5. Oh, she is gorgeous! She would make a special ornament throughout the year.

  6. You always are able to find just the right thing!


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