Sunday, October 16, 2011

Still trumpeting.................

What a splendid weekend here.  The State Fair is in full swing (unfortunately I don't have time to go), but I do hear the fireworks exploding over the fairgrounds each evening.  The warm sunshiny days, followed by cool nights, are bringing people to the fair in droves and attendance will break the previous record perhaps.  

I did a little garden work and took down all the straggly vines from the porch, saving seed pods in hopes I can grow new Moonflowers from these seeds next Spring.

Front porch prior to taking down (sadly) the Moonflower and Morning Glory vines before the first frost.

Moonflower seed pods - need to dry out in the sun before opening.  Inside are four white seeds which should harden over the Winter and will be planted for next Summer's front porch curtains!  If you'd like to try growing some next Spring let me know - I'd love to send you some seeds later.

Edited 10/16/11
Regarding the seeds.  Ever done something really stupid?  I did.  Last night I forgot to take these lovely seed pods in from the backyard bench where I photographed them.........this morning almost every one had been eaten or chewed up by our squirrels, or some other hungry wild creature!  I won't repeat the words which came from my mouth!  So dear friends, very sorry, no more seeds on offer.

Amazing - this is the angel trumpet plant right now! I showed it to you a couple of times earlier, once in mid-Summer when it was still somewhat puny struggling through those 100 plus days, then again a few weeks go when it started to bloom.  Now here it is almost half way through October and the flowers are profuse, more opening each sunny day.

Please be aware, if you plan to grow one, that all parts of this plant are poisonous to humans and animals if ingested. I try to remember my gloves when handling it.

I really love this shrub which smells delicious and lemony in the early evening air.  The flowers just keep unfurling and are beautiful.  Of course the plant has to be cut back to the ground for the Winter and heavily mulched as it is tropical and will not survive if left like this in our area.  Hopefully it will be back next spring, pushing new shoots through the ground.  It is now several years old and was rooted from a single stem cutting from another gardener's plant.  I had a pink one too, however it succumbed to the cold one Winter - I believe this yellow one is more hardy in our growing zone 7.

Brugmansia "Feingold"

Definitely a stately garden delight!


  1. Your header today is just gorgeous!

  2. Mary, your trumpet plant is INCREDIBLE! you do make your garden a proud testimony to good old English sensibilities too, I might add.

    Well, with that, I jsut wanted to tell you that I am closing Hot Toast and Jam but thought you might enjoy its last post.

    I will still be visiting just not as much (as if I have been that frequent anyway!) as one might expect when hosting a personal blog, verses an art one.

    Let me just say then, thank you for your personal support along the way and here's wishing you the best until we chat again.

  3. Beautiful post! I've often thought of trying moonflower - we have lots of places for vine-growing here by the ponds.

  4. Your trumpet flower is beautiful Mary. I would love some moonflower seeds, if you have any left over. How kind of you to offer!

  5. Beautiful bounty as the year winds down in your garden!

  6. The angel trumpet is beautiful...I had a vine way back when and it did fine until one very cold winter. I remember how beautiful it was. And the moonflowers...I am definitely going to try to grow them after seeing yours! :-)


  7. Mary, thanks for your lovely, very touching comment on my old blog (truly). Well, you are far to young to be my grandmother, but you'd have made a great mum I'm sure. And anytime you are in CO, you can give me bics for certain!
    Happy travels. do visit CT blog now and then. No contributions necessary.

  8. Your Angel Trumpets look wonderful Mary! My Mom has some in her garden, but they're no where near the size of yours :o) I hope they make it through the winter again, they're fabulos.
    The Moonflowers looks so lovely too - how nice to have live curtains throughout the Summer.
    I really have to do more in the garden, but have been building the 2nd Hoggy house this weekend...
    In case I don't get chance again before you go have a wonderful holiday, I look forward to hearing all about it!
    Very best wishes as always
    Rose H

  9. Our trumpet vine rarely blooms and my husband wants to take it out. Would love some moonflowers to try though. I just love seeing your porch.

  10. That trumpet vine is so beautiful Mary. I like your new header too. I still have 2 million bells hanging baskets blooming after 2 hard frosts! They are pretty hardy but may be in the garbage this week as they are looking worn out. :( Take care! Pamela

  11. Yes, please, to seeds! I'd love to try growing one. The trumpet vine, by the way, is glorious. You must have a lot to do before you leave!


  12. Mary, sorry to hear the news of the lost seeds. ;-(
    I bought a package recently. I've never tried them, but when you showed your fabulous blooms I knew I wanted to give these a try. As for my trumpet plant, the freeze took it this past winter. I planted another this summer, but it won't bloom for another season. Hope it makes it through the winter. Yours is gorgeous! ~ Sarah

  13. By the time you come home most of that will be all gone. We have had some very cold weather here, and in your state. Winter is not too far away....


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