Sunday, October 7, 2012

Autumn surprise.............

This recent blip in my health has slowed me down a bit - I've been staying close to home, not wanting to drive alone until I get used to the medicines I'm having to take. I went out late yesterday afternoon............SuzAnna's Antiques for a quick browse and to pick up granddaughter Jasmin when she finished work there. The area was ablaze in color, pumpkins of every description, huge pots of chrysanthemums, Halloween decor from elegant to scary!

It suddenly hit me..........Autumn has arrived. This morning is much cooler, dark and dreary, rain is on the way. But I love it ......I'm a cool weather person. Must go through the wardrobe and dig out some appropriate clothing. This is my favorite time of year when I can start layering........always something interesting possible, especially with different textures and tonal colors.

Are you ready for Autumn?  What will you add to your wardrobe to give it a lift as the weather cools?

Topping my list, a pair of beautiful flat, Oxford style shoes in grey leather, and one perfect classic cashmere sweater - a layer of warmth without weight, always elegant.


  1. Let me know where you find the grey oxfords!! I would love a pair! And I was so happy to be able to hug you yesterday! I think you looked GREAT!

  2. I love autumn too. I just bought a basic black and basic gray turtleneck sweaters in a cable knit. I am now on the look out for brown leather boots with a flat heal.

  3. One of the many things I love about autumn is the color and (hopefully) the cooler weather, being able to wear layers and sweaters. Sigh. We are not there quite yet in my part of the country...I shall have to enjoy these things on your blog and others for a few more weeks.

  4. Good morning, Ms. Mary!

    Autumn is my favorite season! The opportunity to dress in clothes that cover this 71 year old body! We are still having warm days ... cold nights. Every day is flooded with sunshine and blue skies ... we're lucky that way out here on the high desert. The mountains have already seen a dusting of snow...beautiful to look at from every vantage point ~~ again, we are blessed. Keep up the good fight against this pesky illness.

  5. Oh yes - I'm ready and eager. We are still basking in sunny days with temperatures in the 70's but there's a nip in the air every morning. Today, for an early morning ramble around the market it will be jeans, clogs, a teal merino pullover and a ball tapestry blazer - loving the season!

  6. Mary, I'm concerned to hear you are dealing with a health issue. Hope it is quickly resolved.
    Yes, fall is in the air here. We had a delightful cold front arrive yesterday dropping out temps to the 50s. So refreshing. Makes me want to click my heels and jump for joy. Fall is my favorite season. Love it when we can pull out the sweaters and begin to layer...........Take care, dear friend.........Sarah

  7. Autumn? Not here in Spain it isn't! It is absolutely glorious and for us poor Brits who had no summer at home we are lapping it up.
    Sea is like a warm bath and, apart from mid day, the temperature is nigh on perfect.
    By the time we meet up at Christmas Mary, it will probably be cold and wet.
    Never mind, our meeting will warm the cockle of our hearts.

  8. I hope you enjoyed getting out and about yesterday, a little fresh air always makes me feel better and think clearer, especially the cool air we are now having. The changing seasons make for a lot of work around here. Summer clothes to be packed up, fall/winter clothes to be sorted...some for Goodwill and others put away in drawers and closets. I have bought a few things to add to my wardrobe and I was insistent on getting some splashes of color as opposed to my usual black, brown and gray! Some soft sweaters in mulberry, rust and gold, sort of like fall leaves! I love the comfort of long sweaters, leggings and boots. SO comfy!

    Please continue to improve and get better. Sending much love your way, Mary.


  9. Sounds like you enjoyed your little journey out Mary.
    The weather has been very sunny but cool today - just right in my opinion! It's my favourite season too :o) I've been busy today trying to catch up with housework, so have been wearing a sleeveless top, but I'm just about to pop on another layer before I go on a hedgehog hunt outside.
    Hope your meds are doing the trick sweetie. Take it easy...
    Rose H

  10. I hope this finds you feeling better. We too had a taste of autumn this weekend, although I know she is only teasing. I purchased a couple of sweaters last week. The oxfords and the, oh how I love, cashmere sound perfect. Rest and take care of yourself.

  11. Autumn is such a lovely time of year. I like layering, too. I'm looking for a couple of cardigans or pullovers to add to my wardrobe. The grey oxfords sound so pretty.

    I hope you adapt well to the medications and feel much more like your usual self soon.

  12. Beautiful pictures. Greetings from Catalonia.

  13. You've been on my mind and in my prayers, dear Mary. I will continue to hold you close in my heart.

    We're embracing Autumn in our home and hearts, too. It is a mood and a season to love.

  14. It is very cool here today with a brisk wind blowing. It's only about 48 degrees and there's a frost warning for tonight. I love the pumpkin colours of that last photo. I wish I could wear wool. Too itchy. I hope you feel better with each passing day Mary. Blessings, Pamela

  15. Gosh, Mary. I am so sorry that you have not been well. I just figured that you were on another trip! Get well soon. Love your fall pics.

  16. No autumn for me Mar - California you know!!! Just bought a bunch of things for the next trip and they are all short sleeves and light weight. Sometimes i wish we had autumn but then i remember i like the low 70's here!

  17. I love fall also. Finally some cooler weather after such a 'hot' summer. As always I love your header...beautiful photos! Cashmere sweaters, great idea, due to my MS the heavy sweaters are pretty but too 'hot' for me. Thanks for the advise!



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