Sunday, October 14, 2012

October comes in blue too......................

Blue Autumn skies in North Carolina on this perfect weekend.

Large oaks yet to turn color...........nights 
are still mild and we are enjoying 
dinner in the gazebo lit with candles..... 
and being bombarded with thousands 
of acorns of monster proportions,
 a bumper crop this year!

Yesterday I caught beauty in the lens as a jet flew over 
and I glanced skyward into the sun. 

I'm sad to think I will be taking down these still beautiful deep blue Morning Glories this week. They grew in a large pot from seed in Springtime, were nurtured through a blazing hot Summer, and then survived what Bob said were endless days of heavy rain while I was in Australia in September. My good neighbors helped with watering during dry spells when we were both traveling. Tucked alongside them were Moonflowers, they are over now, but these deep cobalt blue pretties still hang on, awaiting the first frost. I don't want to come back from this next trip and see a gooey, black mess hanging from the porch, so later this week I'll be taking them down, washing out the pot, and storing ready for next Spring. 
Nature.........always full of beautiful surprises.


  1. The blue of autumn skies is the bluest there is, in my opinion. It perfectly matches your morning glories. I concur - better to take them down now rather than have a mess later.

    No blue skies here this weekend, just heavy grey and rain drizzle.

  2. This time of year is full of such contrasts - the sadness of taking everything down and putting things away for the winter, and then the wonderful feeling of accomplishment when everything is tidy and a little bare. I like this time, before all the excess of Christmas (mind you, I jump right into the excess!!)

  3. Your morning glories were real troupers this year! I love this shade of blue. I have pink and blue growing wild on my fence, it's always a little sad when they die and dry up. Best to take them down.


  4. I love this mosaic with the beautiful blues and yellow. Morning glories are such a pretty flower even though they don't bloom here until August. I haven't the heart to take down my sweet peas on the obelisk. They are still blooming! Rainy and cold here today. Hugs, Pamela

  5. Such a beautiful colour, Bob and your neighbours did a great job.

    Sft x

  6. The blues are and morning glory!

  7. Wow, what a gorgeous mosaic, Mary. LOVE it!! It is sad to see them go, but at least you will have this lovely post to look back on. My morning glories are currently spilling over my white camellias which are in full bloom too. They look the best they've looked all season.
    I had fun growing the moon vines on my patio... thanks to your posting the idea.

  8. oh that blue is wonderful Mary, and to think that growth is in just one season, it certainly enjoys being part of your gazebo!!
    I’m re-doing a long border in my garden and want to have pops of blue here and there such as Russian Sage (Perovskia).
    I'm currently reading 'The smell of Summer Grass' Adam Nicolson, I love his writing. I'm envious of you spending time in England - I love it so much and feel quite at home there as though I belong....
    Take care
    Shane ♥ x


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