Tuesday, October 30, 2012

With these hands.................

A pictorial of busy hands of the Indigenous Aboriginals 
of Arnhem Land, Northern Territory................

Paula bought a beautiful piece of this renowned 
artist's work............even 
more special because she was able to meet, talk with him, 
and see him creating on his canvas.  

This painting was on fabric and depicts the fruit bats 
(also known as flying foxes) hanging from tree branches.  
We did see huge colonies of these bats in the area.

Several Aboriginal women at the art gallery were busy 
weaving baskets.....................

Most exterior flat surfaces were perfect for art............beautiful, colorful, and 
definitely not graffiti!

This brilliant painting depicts a kangaroo, 
crocodile, turtle, lizard, fruit bat, 
magpie goose, water lilies and vines.


  1. Mary, so enjoyed each one of these posts. Thanks for sharing your interesting journey.............Sarah

  2. Hello Mary:
    This all looks to be an incredibly creative and exciting artists' space. The monochrome fabric has a particular appeal for us. That we should definitely have wished to have brought back in a suitcase!

    It is such a joy to see so many involved in artistic activity whether painting, drawing or making and everywhere one looks the artist hand is in evidence. Lovely!

  3. Oh, Mary what amazing photos. I love the cloth Paula bought, what good taste she has (not just in friends).

    Aboriginal Art is amongst the best in the world.

    Sft x

  4. Gorgeous artwork! How special to visit with the artists here. It would be difficult to not want to bring home everything I would see. These encounters is what makes a trip so special. I am so happy you were able to visit with these people.

  5. How wonderful to get to see the artist in action. His work is so lively and wonderful. The weaving of those baskets is tedious work. When I went to the shelter to visit the Ethiopian girls who are there, they were using plastic bags to weave their baskets with -- using the same technique -- a lot of work and effort goes into the making. Hope all is well where you are. Best wishes, Tammy


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