Monday, October 15, 2012

The Spare Room............

It comes with the numbers...............wanting a room of one's own. You crave it as a growing child, usually to escape siblings.  Definitely a must have as a teenager, and then you hate to pick it up and keep it neat.

Later in life that extra bedroom usually becomes the guest room, the spare room, the extra room, the box room, the sewing room, or, in these modern times, the craft room.

The years pass by. Then, one day, perhaps you're under the weather, or your other half snores too much. Too warm, too cold so the duvet struggle takes place. You want to read with brighter light. You just need more space to stretch aching limbs - this one I know about lately. So you sneak into the spare room. It's neat and tidy, just in case a guest arrives. The bed is made up with the French country linens. The lighting is perfect.........a great book awaits, and all is peaceful. You plop down, pleased that you bought a good mattress after all. You climb in, pulling the duvet over your head or kicking it off completely. Perhaps you'll prop yourself up ready to enjoy a few chapters of that book.....your call tonight, you are the guest.

Once again.........a room of one's own. Perhaps a little feeling of guilt nudges the back of your brain. Just one comfortable night is planned......but you never know. A comfy room of one's own can grow on you, at any age.

Tomorrow will be a very special day for me..............
hope you can stop by and join in my celebration!


  1. Oh how I agree, our spare room/guest room has a single bed and my sewing machine in it. Since oh had his colonoscopy way back in January I sleep in there. No more snoring, fidgiting, fighting for the duvet and I can read as long as I like without mutterings from the other side of the bed.

    It was only after a few weeks of sleeping in there I realised that we had both be disturbing the other, the nights I wake up and read, or carry on reading because I know I am not going to sleep are pretty well gone, just occasionally I get a book I cannot put down and end up reading till 2am, most night its into bed, with a hottie now the nights are getting colder, read for about half an hour, light off and away I go.

  2. There are many times I would love a room of my own too Mary. Kent is a snorer, but he is happy to go out to the couch if I nudge him too many

    I am checking that book out.

  3. There must be many of us at this stage in life. We have two guest rooms and I have claimed the one with twin beds and am in the process of making a part of it my studio - after all, most guests stay in the Queen-sized bedroom. Sometimes on a Friday night/early Saturday I'll creep up there to finish an interrupted sleep. Your comment on the mattress made me smile, as I've had exactly the same thought.

  4. Ahhh...a guest room is such a nice thing to have, I can't wait until one of our rooms is vacated! I escape to the couch when I want to read, dragging along pillows, a quilt, books, magazines, my phone, two dogs and their little doggy bed. Sometimes it's best just to stay in bed and try to sleep!


  5. You and I think alike Mary. Our only guest room usually has hubby in there as we both snore (me once in a while I'll admit) and he says the mattress in the guest room is firmer and better. I don't like sleeping on a 'board' so I stay put. One downside about this is that when company does come the bed has to be made up fresh and both of us have to suffer in the 'softer' bed. :) I think it's a mid life thing don't you?

  6. I'm married to a snorer too, but we've discovered a product called 'Snoreeze' which is sprayed on to the back of the throat before retiring. It doesn't stop the problem, but it's certainly much more bearable :o)
    Hubs is a truck driver and until three years ago had at least three nights out each week - I've found it much more difficult to adjust to him being home each night.
    We have a guest room and I have a craft room library, but I've never (yet) been tempted to stay in the guest room.....
    Glad you're getting a better night though Mary :o)
    Rose H

  7. A little space to call one's own is a good thing at any time of life. Your guest room sounds like a lovely place.

  8. Mary, I absolutely adored "The Time In Between". I am so glad you are enjoying it. Bonnie

  9. Ah yes, I know that longing for a room of one's own. It's nice to be the guest in your own home now and then!

  10. I agree with you Mary, a room of one’s own is an age thing.
    With the empty nest comes the wonderful discovery of empty rooms! Our single bedroom has become my playroom for sewing and all other manner of things I like doing

    My dear husband had a huge back operation a few years ago leaving him a very restless sleeper.
    I often do a midnight flit into our guest room and spend a night of luxury – between the sheets with the highest thread count – I can read to my heart's content before I go through my normal rituals as I prepare to settle down!
    Now DH has said I behave like a cat as I ready myself for sleep – turning round and around, until everything is absolutely purrfect! I’m sure I’m not quite that bad – then again may be I am!

    A delightful post!
    Shane ♥
    The book looks promising too.

  11. Mary ~ how right you are. Our "spare" room turned into my room after Mr. Vintage had his surgery. Every time I roll over it hurts him, so we decided that I would sleep in the spare room. We snuggle and watch T.V. and then we're off to our own rooms. I have to say, it is perfect, he sleeps ~ I sleep and we are happy not tired and cranky ;-)

  12. We have 1 bedroom in our tiny cottage so no spare room I'm afraid.

    Thanksf ro the book recommendation.

    Sft x

  13. Love this post and have similar thoughts. However our spare room has no room for a cozy bed because it is my office. I have been thinking maybe it is time to re-arrange the office and add a small bed. The book definitely looks yummy. I will add it to my wish list right now.


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