Saturday, October 13, 2012

A FAVORITE THING............

I love's my favorite season. Born on a cool English October day, it was set in stone............I would always be at my best in Autumn. It agreed with me in so many ways. The early mornings with dew heavy on the grass, glittering spider webs lacing the shrubbery. The smell of woodsmoke in the air. Migrating birds balanced on the power lines, ready to fly further south. The clouds building in the distance over Dartmoor, which I could just see from my bedroom window. Digging out Wellington boots before they became fashionable. Winding a warm hand-knitted scarf around my neck. Pulling the wool beret down over my ears. Walking to school through the wet, squelchy mass of fallen leaves.  

Autumn somehow became Fall here in America. It's still beautiful, perhaps even more colorful with sugar maples shedding leaves of every color imaginable in one's path, and less rain to pack them down. But there are no conkers - the shiny copper colored horse chestnuts we loved to collect to play an English childhood game. Here there are no country lanes where cobnuts (also known as filberts - or wild hazelnuts) grow wild in the hedgerows - we would spend hours picking them in mid-October ready for Christmas baking. Instead there are pumpkins stacked high - I don't recall ever seeing a pumpkin in England as a child. 

  • Were you an Autumn baby? 
  • Do you enjoy Autumn? 
  • Is it a season of beauty where you live? 
  • Do you embrace or dislike the arrival of cooler weather? 
  • What do enjoy wearing most in Autumn.......sweaters, boots, jackets, hats, cozy socks?

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  1. Lovely Autumn collage! Happy Fall!

  2. Your collage is beautiful, Mary and I so enjoyed your memories of Autumn in England.
    I grew up in Michigan and while I thought autumn was pretty, I always felt a bit sad when November rolled around. I'm sure it was because the winters were so long and we could have so many days of gray skies. It got old after a while. Back then, spring was my favorite season as it was the beginning of nice weather and blue skies :). Also I am a springtime baby.
    Now here in the south I think the springtime is gorgeous, but I dread the thoughts of our hot, HUMID summer. All this to say that fall has become my favorite season. I love the cooler, less humid weather and the beautiful colors.
    I love to wear soft sweaters, slipper socks, my warm cozy bathrobe and this year I'd like to find a comfortable pair of fashion boots.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Beautiful memories of Autumn. I do love the Fall season, but unfortunately, it is not to be seen or felt around here. Still 100 degrees most days, though a bit cooler at night now. Everything always looks the same around me which is really rather depressing when I am ready to feel a cold chilly wind and wear scarves and boots. I remember getting together with British friends for Thanksgiving many years ago - they had never had pumpkin pie before, so when I brought it for them to try served up with whipped cream, they were very pleasantly surprised that it was such a tasty dessert. :) Happy Autumn and birthday to you! Tammy

  4. Mary, that's a beautiful collage. No wonder we love autumn. The colors are spectacular. I was born in early August, when my dad and the neighbor men were out threshing in the fields. My mom, who had made dinner for all those men, drove herself to the hospital. I've always loved fall, especially October. I took tons of photos this year, many posted on my blog, of the beautiful woods of Wisconsin, all around us. I love the burgandy color of the oaks, the reds and yellows and oranges of maples, the leaves accumulating on the ground. I love the warm sun, but the crisp and cool air, cold enough to wear a jacket or sweater, and cold enough to need a fire in the stove. There's something so romantic about autumn!

  5. I am an autumn baby - born in November - and I've always had a love for this season. It brings back memories of walking to school through crisp, fallen leaves, fires burning, football games, and somehow always feeling re-invigorated by the cooler air. I wonder why pumpkins seems to be peculiar to America?

    Thanks so much for sharing your memories, Mary and for joining in this week!


  6. Hi Mary, I was born in July and definitely love summer. I love heat and sunshine. However, I do love fall until the leaves are all gone and everything is brown and beige and the cold and damp seeps into my bones. I don't care for the cold or the shortened days and never really did. It's not an age thing. lol You know from my photos that it is very beautiful here where I live and I would not change that. I will just add more clothes and scarves and gloves to keep me warm when I leave the house. And turn up the electric heat when I am home! I wish I had a cozy wood stove to keep me warm. It might be cheaper than electricity. Your mosaic is beautiful - love the squirrel. Blessings, Pamela

  7. What a pretty mosaic Mary. I do love fall/Autumn. I am sort of a fall baby. Born in November, but I think of myself as a Thanksgiving baby, since my birthday has fallen on Thanksgiving many times because the date of Thanksgiving is always changing. In fact, my birthday is on Thanksgiving again this year!

    I love boots, sweaters, reading in front of the fire, having bonfires, hiking through the woods.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  8. Love that sweet squirrel! There's not much change of seasons where I live now, or where I grew up, and not much cold either, so I have to look at the lovely photos blogger friends post to see the lovely fall colors! That's OK, I still like cozy socks! I was a summer baby-- but I do like the fall and winter because it's so very hot here in Texas during the summer!

  9. Your collage is beautiful and your words like poetry. Good morning!

  10. Dear Mary,
    Yes Autumn is certainly my favourite season and for all the reasons you've listed here in the UK, as well as being a September baby. I still love to collect conkers and see their gorgeous shiny brown coats gleaming from a dish. This year they aren't as common, a lot less on the trees I'm afraid. I called at my favourite sweet chestnut spot last week, and though the trees were loaded with the super spiny cases the nuts are too small to bother gathering. There's not many filberts in the hedges locally either, what few there were we left for the wildlife. Much to my dismay not a sloe to be found, and this after only discovering sloe gin last year ;o)
    Today I walked through crisp Autumn leaves along a pathway and I was longing to kick them up in the air like I did as a child but worried that others would think I was nuts!
    Sounds like you've either had your birthday, or it's looming very close - I'm sending you my very best wishes whichever the case.
    Hope you're feeling better.
    Rose H
    Oops, should have said - I love the mosaic too :o)

  11. Actually I'm a spring child. However, autumn is my favourite saison. I love it because the air is so fresh and clear so you can see the mountains very close. The sun has the most beautiful light in autumn. I like to wear warm sweaters (of course by March I'm fed up with them), and usually I knit a new one each fall. At the moment I see me wearing legwarmers, so I am making those. Happy weekend to you! Regula

  12. Autumn has not been a favorite of mine, but as I get older I am warming up to it as I make preparations to tuck inside with a warm, cozy fire in the fireplace. Still resisting putting on the socks, but enjoying the coziness of sweaters. There is some changing of the leaf colors now and the leaves are beginning to fall. The light coming through my window this morning has a golden glow about it and though there are rain clouds lingering nearby it is calling me to come out and walk, kicking up a few leaves.

  13. What a comforting post. Yes, I'm an autumn baby and I love, love, love this time of year.

  14. You make it sound even more wonderful, I'd love to hunt for chestnuts!! Love your fluffy tailed friend! Happy Autumn!

  15. Your photos are so sweet - especially the acorns. Our autumn in Michigan has been beautiful this year too. I am now following your blog from Favorite Things and look forward to reading :-)


  16. I love fall. It's my favorite season perhaps because I feel so rejuvenated by the crisp, cool air and of course I look my best in autumnal colors! I remember conkers from my childhood in Vermont and I think I know where there is a tree in town. Perhaps I should gather some from the ground before the squirrels get them all. Take care of yourself :)

  17. Mary...I love this post. I love reading about your memories of England, a place I really would love to visit. I can't pick a favorite season, I love each one for what they have to offer. In the Midwest, each one is so distinctive...their arrival just when we need the change. What I like about autumn is...everything!! It's raining here today and I said to "A", the perfect fall day! He thought I had gone crazy!

    Your mosaic is beautiful, even the cute squirrel, although they are such pests around here!

    Happy Saturday! I hope you feel good today!


  18. Fall is my favourite season, hands down! I love fall clothes, fall food, the first fire of fall, fall colours.....and on and on. I was so happy that we married in the fall so that all the flowers could be in autumn blooms.

  19. Born in late October, I'm also someone who loves the fall season. I feel more energized at this time of year. I love wearing sweaters and scarves. In autumn it seems like most people dress up a bit more and look more polished, just as nature puts on the polish of colour.

  20. The beret, scarf. And wellies not such a great look .mary. Thank goodness the boys school was nowhere near eh?

  21. Of course I love fall!! Being an October baby, it really is my favorite time of year!!

  22. Mary, I, too, love autumn, but I am not an autumn baby. There is just something wonderful the coming of cooler weather after being held captive by the oppressive summer heat. The colors are among my favorites. I hope you are beginning to feel better.

  23. Hi Mary,
    I love Fall also! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!
    Have a great Sunday,
    xxx Liz

  24. What a beautifully written post and lovely collage! It's easy to see why you love Autumn...

  25. lovely post Mary! i do love autumn, there is such a magical feeling about it; how the soft light touches the trees and colorful leaves. i love to watch the migrating birds and hope a good journey for them. i also like that i can take a rest of the busy summer time and make more jewelries.


  26. No I am a winter baby-ironically I can't stand the cold.

    Best bit about Autumn, clear blue skies, sunshine, the colours of the leaves and I'm sorry those conkers.

    Windfalls on the ground.

    Sft x

  27. Yes I was an Autumn baby too born in late March, which in the Southern Hemisphere is the start of cooler days and nights. I love my autumn garden, everything is a little faded. I would love to see little squirrels looking for nuts - sadly we don't have them here.
    I welcome cooler days as I've always preferred winter clothes - leather boots and soft cashmere jumpers, berets and pretty scarves.

    But now it's Spring here again and everything is in bud just waiting for that magic moment to burst open!
    Shane ♥


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