Monday, October 22, 2012

Raft Point and Montgomery Reef............

Raft Point, The Kimberley, Western Australia

Raft Point.............a wet landing on a rocky/sandy 
beach to view an outdoor Aboriginal art gallery. 
Rock art presented an account of the mythical Wandjinas 
on a 'Great Fish Chase'..............but for those 
who weren't up to clambering and scrambling over 
rocks on a hike in very high temperatures (like us!) 
to view it, there was also some interesting original art 
for sale on the beach from local Aboriginals. 

Paula shopped, while I quietly tried to make head 
or tail of these very different creative pieces. 
Beautifully rendered on canvas, but difficult to display 
in a French style decorated cottage....I did not buy!!

See below for an explanation of this art.

Wandjina figures are some of the most visually striking of all images in Kimberley art, the Wandjina people said to be 'the creator beings of the Dreaming' and that they made their world and all it contains.
Wandjina are usually painted as full-length, or head and shoulder figures, either standing or lying horizontally. Their large mouthless faces feature enormous black eyes flanking a beak-like nose. The head is usually surrounded by a band with outward radiating lines. Elaborate head-dresses are both the hair of the Wandjinas and clouds. Long lines coming from the hair are the feathers which they wore and the lightning which they control. Ceremonies to ensure the timely beginning of the monsoon wet season and sufficient rainfall are held in December and January, following which the rains usually begin.

Paula clambering around the beautiful smooth rocks 
along the shore......

............leaving the higher ones for the brave-hearted.

Later in the afternoon, after returning to the ship, 
it repositioned and anchored close to an amazing 
natural spectacle, Montgomery Reef.......invisible at 
first then, as the tide fell rapidly, a huge reef 
appeared with water cascading off the edge. 
Sea birds congregated to eat the 
bounty of the sea now exposed in all its glory. 
An amazing sight.

Anchor hoisted, enticing smells of dinner being prepared - 
such fabulous food on this ship - and an evening 
of entertainment ahead.
 Another amazing day in the Kimberley, and we 
sailed on northward toward Hunter River.


  1. Thanks for showing us this beautiful spot!

  2. Looks a beautiful place - Aboriginal art is very different and belongs in its natural setting rather than in a house I think . I love the kangaroo one.

  3. That teal green water is so beautiful!
    And that sun looks serious! Sunscreen, don't forget!
    Such a fun trip... I love coming along through your photos!!

  4. The artwork, just beautiful! Such a temptation, but I would have had to resist too. Though my husband would have bought for sure.
    The rocks are beautiful that you climbed among.
    The reef spectacular and truly amazing. What a sight it would be to see in person. A huge thrill for sure!

  5. Breathtaking scenery! There is just so much beauty to see and enjoy. Pamela


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