Saturday, October 20, 2012

A FAVORITE THING...................


It's A Favorite Thing Saturday again so I'm 
linking this post to Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage
You all know how traveling to new places is a favorite thing 
I love to do........and I'm doing a lot of it lately.......

........we're leaving for Europe today! 

Thankfully I feel a whole lot better because my treatment 
seems to be working well. With my wonderful Bob to help 
carry the bags, stop me from tripping on the escalators, 
shove the carry ons up into those tight squeeze 
overheads, and give me moral support, I'm ready to
see several European jewels...
Venice, Dubrovnik, the Greek Islands, 
Athens and Istanbul. These places have been 
high on my wish list for a long time. 

We'll be on the Crystal Serenity sailing the seas. 
If I have Internet I'll post now and then, if not, 
I've pre-posted a few more fun Australian stories 
from the amazing recent Kimberley Region trip, 
which should pop up whilst I'm gone. Know I'll be 
missing you, taking photos, and taking notes on all 
the beauty of these old cities so I can share more
travels with you when I get home. 

Visit Mockingbird Hill Cottage today - Claudia's Saturday 
friends will have lots of fun things to share.


  1. Have a wonderful time ~ I know you will!

    Hugs from Idaho,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. Bon Voyage Mary and Bob! Have a wonderful trip sightseeing and cruising. It will be wonderful to see all the beautiful historic cities and buildings. Blessings, Pamela

  3. Have a wonderful time, my friend. You truly are indulging in one of your very favorite things!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  4. Bon Voyage, Mary! In my last comment did I tell you to have fun in England? I meant Europe! I can't wait to hear all about it and see some pictures. Have wonderful time!


  5. Bon voyage, you'll have a great time. Look forward to some gorgeous pictures of exotic spice markets, whitwashed mountainside villages and serenading gondoliers.

  6. I'm glad you are feeling better Mary. I visited Dubrovnik in 1965 when it was still Yugoslavia so it will be interesting to see your photos. The Old Town was really beautiful so I hope it wasn't damaged too much during the fighting. Have a wonderful time!

  7. Bon Voyage to you both – this sounds like a perfect trip to end the year!
    Venice is the only one on your list I’ve been to – it’s still my favourite
    place on earth and you’re going at the right time. Have you been before?
    It’s so romantic – I’m glad you’ll be sharing it with Bob, oh the memories!
    I wish I could meet up with you both at Florian for a coffee – another time maybe!
    Wonderful news that you are responding so well to the medication Mary.

    Have fun and take care
    Shane ♥

  8. Happy travel, dear friend!
    Look forward to more travel sharing from you.

  9. Mary, I didn't realize this was another cruise. Wow, what wonderful ports of call. These are on my wish list. I've been to Istanbul. It is a wonderful city full of exotic sights. Bon voyage ~ enjoy, my friend.........Sarah

  10. Happy travelling Mary and Bob!!! You will see such a wonderful countries. It will be lovely to see all your photos and stories from the travels in Europe.

  11. I've been to the Greek Islands and Dubrovnik. You are going to just love it there. The food is wonderful and earthy. The people so friendly. I'll have to stop back and read your posts when you return. Have a wonderful trip.

  12. Have a wonderful time dear!!! This will always be my favorite place in the whole world! Think of me as you walk around town, savor delicious food, and enjoy the beautiful scenery... Thinking of you too dear. Love, Vanessa

  13. I love Venice and Istanbul. Dubrovnik is very interesting too but heavily restored. But the Croatian coastline is stunning and I know you will love it.

    Looking forward to hearing what you will make of these places.


    Sft xxx


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