Thursday, October 18, 2012

Will there be crocs?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

14:00 - General Disembarkation for Swimming at Crocodile Creek
Join us for a swim in the cool freshwater of Crocodile Creek. 
We will run a zodiac shuttle from shore to ship every 
15 minutes. Please bring zodiac life jacket, sunscreen, 
hats and cameras. It will be a dry landing at the swimming 
hole today.

Heavenly, a swim to beat the heat, with a promise (had to 
get the promise) there would be no crocodiles! This was 
the reason Paula and I packed our swimsuits......... climb up and over and into a little slice of 
heaven in Australia's Kimberley Region.

Orion blue welcome marker flag peeking above the red rocks.......climbing the ladder to the swimming hole. 
When the dry season's tides are low like this 
there's apparently no chance of crocs 
being able to access the water above.........there 
were harmless jellyfish, fish, and other creatures 
at the bottom.......but we didn't learn about them 
until the evening recap. Nobody was 
bitten or stung.....

This beautiful place awaited, the colors of the water 
were breathtaking, and that lovely sound.......
the saxophone played by none other than Gus 
from the ship already ensconced on the rocks 
when we arrived.

Gus and Fran were the great musical duo who entertained 
us daily - they were amazing.

This really was a magical place.................

.......a special day and memories to treasure for ever.

Back to Orion waiting for us on the deep blue sea.


  1. Wow! What a beautiful , beautiful place. The colours are amazing. I think I'd even take a dip there. Pamela

  2. What an adventure! What a treat! I've never seen anything like this. I'm so glad you enjoyed your day!


  3. Gorgeous colour in those waters. What a memory you made!

  4. How beautiful. This is one of the best swimming holes I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing your world travels with us.

  5. The water looks so beautiful - that shade of blue/green is gorgeous! What an amazing place!


  6. I can just imagine the pure delight of these beautiful waters. How refreshing and cool in the hot summer heat. It is gorgeous~

  7. This looks absolutely fabulous Mary, the colour of the water is amazing.

  8. I'd love a dip in there too Mary!
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Rose H

  9. Thank goodness there were no crocs, the waters look beautiful Mary.

  10. Hello Mary,
    So glad you came to visit via Paul. Wonderful to meet you. This swimming pond looks sublime. Love the clarity of your photos, you have captured it beautifully. Looking forward to following your notices and great to meet you.

  11. Mary, The pictures are amazing. The contrast between the cliffs and the water is breathtaking. I cannot wait to hear about your upcoming trip.

    I will be interested to hear what you think of "The Reliable Wife". I read it a few years ago. Bon Voyage!


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