Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gagudju Crocodile .....................

The diorama in the welcoming lobby set the tone 
for this very unusual Holiday Inn in the 
Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia.

This croc obviously modeled for the hotel architect!

Paula and I thought this place was so much fun.......our 
room faced in toward the lovely pool area where the trees 
were like a lush oasis, inside the croc.......

.....and it was the perfect location to rest our sleepy 
heads after spending hours on the dusty, hot road........
especially as each bed had a great selection 
of perfect pillows.

Lots of beautiful Aboriginal art was displayed in 
the public areas.............most for sale, and 
definitely not cheap - the Australian dollar being almost 
at parity with the US dollar.
Note the Barramundi of the most 
popular served in Australia and really is delicious.

Our young dining room waitress provided 
a great answer when we asked where she lived, Gagudju 
being a very small place. "In the croc's tail with 
my boyfriend who's the hotel handyman". 
On-site employee housing of a difference...........we 
rolled over giggling when we fell into our 
comfy crocodile hotel beds that night!


  1. Hello Mary:
    Well, this is certainly a hotel with a difference. Sleeping in a crocodile....rather reminds us of Jonah and the whale!!!!

    This is what is so good about travelling, one has so many experiences that defy description and really do add spice to life. In addition, the hotel looks to be the essence of comfort and luxury, what is not to enjoy?!!!

  2. What an interesting hotel. I didn't realize it was shaped like a crocodile until I really looked at the photos. It sounds wonderful and the artwork is amazing.

  3. What a wonderful place, love the 'firm' and 'soft pillows!
    Rose H

  4. Loved your post today...clever motto for the hotel.

  5. That building is fascinating.
    How fun for you to have stayed there.

  6. WOW that hotel is really different!! How much creativity it took to design and build that!! Very fun!

  7. Aboriginal Art is so beautiful. I would have been so tempted.


  8. What a great place to stay - and what fun! You and Paula have the best adventures!


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