Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hitting fifty......................

No, not my age.........................I reached 
that half century birthday a long time ago! 
Blogging time, no way of course. Below is one 
of my early blog banners on my former blog - still 
available on my sidebar.

I first 'Crossed The Pond' fifty years ago today, October 16, 1962.

This is the big anniversary of my leaving home as an almost nineteen year old teenager and coming to America in search of adventure, streets paved with gold (ha! ha!), and the American lifestyle I read of in books, and loved viewing in Hollywood movies and television. It was to be for just one quick year, working, traveling, saving some money maybe.....and then heading home to settle down with the waiting boyfriend. Of course that didn't happen. My dear mother's words heard over and over later were, "If I'd known you were never coming home to live again I wouldn't have let you go". I doubt she ever really forgave me.

Today, with few regrets, I'm celebrating all that I love about living in this amazing United States of America. Yes, England is still and always will be 'home', but here in my adopted country I thrived and grew, first as a legal immigrant, later as a naturalized citizen. I've visited England most of these past fifty years, and plan to continue for as long as I am able. Will be crossing the pond for Christmas this year, and can hardly wait to spend a little time at home.


  1. Congratulations Mary, I wish I had the guts you had, I was married at 18 and it was many years before I managed to get to the US, then I had to come home again!!

  2. I for one, am so happy that you crossed the pond those 50 years ago!

  3. Joyeux anniversaire Mary!

    What a life you've lived - it's a comfort to know you always call England 'home'!
    As you probably know my daughter crossed several oceans almost thirteen years ago to live in France. Like your mother I feel the heartache of not having my only daughter at 'home'.
    My saving grace is I know she is happy and I'm sure that would have been your dear mother's feelings too.
    Several years before my daughter travelled, I had a dream...crystal clear to this day... in it were two sweet little girls in smocked dresses - they spoke in french - quite bizarre at the time! It's as though "it was always meant to be" that my daughter was destined to live her life in France! Déjà vu!
    Enjoy your sojourn in your homeland Mary! Home for Christmas - what could be nicer.
    Take care
    love and hugs
    Shane ♥

  4. Congratulations on this anniversary, Mary. Surely you embody the best coming together of the new world and the old, bringing to your American home your British sensibility and adding to it a fine American sense of adventure!

  5. Happy Anniversary, Mary! You were a world traveler even at nineteen. I'm so happy you made the U.S. your home. Maybe I would have met you on your blog, but never in person! You are very special to me!


  6. What a milestone Mary! Sorry to hear that you are having health problems and hope it all settles down eventually - at least it isn't stopping you from travelling :)

  7. Happy Crossing Anniversary, Mary. The world is so full of wonderful places to live. Glad you can visit England every year.

  8. Congratulations. It is all the fine people that have "crossed the pond" that have made the America we all love.♥

  9. Happy Anniversary to you, Mary. It sounds like you have always been an adventurous gal. Have you managed to find those streets paved with gold yet? :)
    Lovely that you will be heading home for Christmas.
    Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers for my sister. It means a lot.

    1. ..............perhaps more like silver, but won't complain!!!!!!!

  10. What a lovely anniversary to celebrate dearest Mary! Seems like you were born with a wonderlust ;o)
    So pleased though that England is still 'home' to you, and you are looking forward to your next visit at Christmas. Hope you are feeling much better and the drugs are doing their job.
    Sending a {{hug}} across the pond.
    Rose H

  11. I'm glad you crossed that big pond. :-) I have visited England a handful of times and the first few times I couldn't imagine why anyone would ever leave that 'green and pleasant land.' But I'll have to say, after spending most of our time in Yorkshire, I did enjoy coming home to the straight and wide roads of Wisconsin. lol I hope you have a wonderful time at home in England for Christmas. I've always dreamed of being at King's College Chapel for the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve. sigh.

    Thank you for the lovely post.

  12. I'm so glad you came across that big pond! I love your views on life. I hope you are feeling better. Miss you and can't wait to hear about your Christmas in jolly 'ole England. Gentle hugs, Mary Ann

  13. Happy anniversary to you, Mary! We're glad you came over to our side of the Atlantic and made a life here for yourself. You've managed to have the best of both worlds I think...here and England too.

    I never thought of this before, but do you still have your British accent? One thing about meeting on the blogs...we read others' words in our own voices and imagine them sounding like ourselves even when we know better. Isn't that funny!

  14. Wow, 50 years in America! I'm glad you love it in your 'new' homeland and that you also get to return home often. And I do 'hear' you speak with a soft English accent even after all these years. Am I correct? :D Hugs, Pamela

    1. Sara and Pamela.............good question..........

      I do still have a little of my accent............some people pick up on it immediately, or ask me where I'm from. In England, people who don't know me usually think I'm an American, and of course I am now! However, when back in England for more than a couple of weeks, my British accent gets stronger, but drifts away once back here! Coming from South Devon where the dialect is quite slurred, I seemed to slip into my American accent not long after arriving here in the sixties, whereas people from the North of England seem to keep accents intact.

      Of course, there are certain words I've never changed in pronunciation, e.g.. always say tomaaaaaato not tomato!!

      Thanks for stopping by dear friends.


  15. Happy Anniversary! That is a very long time.
    Yes, if I had been your mother I would have thought the same thing.
    I am sure you will have a lovely Christmas at home.

  16. What a fabulous milestone Mary. I am playing catchup with your posts here, sorry to hear you have been in the wars, I am sure a fabulous dose of Venetian Grandeur is just the ticket for your world-wandering feet. Sending lots of get well wishes your way. Paul x


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