Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Last chance to clean up...................

After all that deck and gazebo repairing, 
power washing, cleaning, re-staining and fluffing
back in September.......the early 
days of Autumn require more clean-up 
efforts around our garden.
We hire no professional help, still muddling 
along and trying to prove we can still do it all 
ourselves, stubborn old you-know-whats!

  • Reseeding the lawns, front and back, then watering each tiny seed daily for several weeks
  • Raking and shoveling up a trillion-plus gigantic acorns.....well it seems there's that many this year
  • Spreading ten, yes that's 10, cubic yards of cypress wood chips.....a veritable mountain delivered via huge truck and dumped at the top of the driveway
  • Cleaning pots at the potting shed - terracotta, plastic, resin - and acquiring a much-needed new wood pallet to pile them on
  • Trimming and pruning every which way..........and pulling masses of crabgrass, Vinca, English and Boston Ivy, all creeping non-stop through the flower beds
  • Edging those flower beds, cleaning out weeds, cutting back and dead-heading..........on and on it goes
Most of the heavy and hard work has been delegated to Bob this time......I'm still having to treat my hands and wrists with TLC so mustn't overdo the lifting and twisting. What an awesome job he's been doing...........we can leave on our trip to Europe knowing our garden remains enjoyable for our neighbors, visiting wildlife, and passers-by.


  1. Beautiful mosaic, Mary. Your garden looks wonderful and I'm sure your neighbours will enjoy looking at it through their windows, whilst you're away!
    Meanwhile, we're having a great time the shore, long beach walks and plenty of R &R!
    Have a good trip, happy landings and travel safe.

  2. This is a lot of work...I'm glad you are not over extending yourself. Come spring you will be so glad it's done. And you can leave for Europe very satisfied.

    Have a wonderful day, Mary!


  3. Taking care of the garden is a huge project, isn't it. Sounds like you've got everything under control. The wildlife will come to visit your tidy garden and find that the buffet is closed for the winter. lol This post inspires me to get busy on our garden!!

  4. Maggie, so happy to know you made it over safely and are enjoying the beach. Looks like great weather for a while.............wish I was there with you!

    Mary X

  5. You have a beautiful property. It takes a lot of work each year to keep it up doesn't it? Take care and enjoy your vacation! Blessings, Pamela

  6. Dear Mary
    I felt tired just reading through your list, having said that we still do it all ourselves too it's good exercise although I feel the aches and pains more these days!
    You will both go away feeling very satisfied that all is in order at home.

    I'm in the throws of re-doing part of my garden and I've been thinning out huge clumps of clivias, back breaking work as their roots go forever, thank goodness it's almost done!
    Shane ♥

  7. So glad you and Bob can still do the yard. We still do ours and wonder if we can't, would it be time to move. But then I am reminded we can hire it done. Love seeing your yard in all it's glory.

  8. Everything spick and span, just how I like it although we are being told to leave our gardens until Spring so that all the critters can utilise the leaves and natural debris to build their nests so we leave a few mounds of leaves hidden in corners.


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