Monday, September 9, 2013

Beautiful Bellingham.......................

Heading to Bellingham, Washington State.

We adore the Pacific Northwest. When considering domestic travel it always pops up at the top of the list..........along with crossing the border, once we reach Washington State, 
for another fabulous visit to British Columbia, Canada.
Hey, one can travel the globe but, right here closer to home, 
is some of the most beautiful scenery ever!

Click on pics to enlarge.
Lake Whatcom, near Bellingham, Washington.

Even before we had friends living here we always made a stop in the older Fairhaven District of Bellingham, loving the small town feel, the old brick buildings housing quaint independent book shops, coffee houses, small restaurants, garden shops and artist venues.  Live music often plays in the square, nothing raucous, more like Celtic or country which fits the scene perfectly.

Enjoy a little stroll around town with me - it was such a beautiful evening. We had dropped our dear friends - the lucky ones living here - at a concert, and we spent time just soaking up the colors and sounds of a perfect Summer evening in a place where even the hollyhocks smiled!

Don't you agree that it's really lovely here?  
Sadly, time did not allow us to continue to Canada on this Summer's trip..............but hopefully next time we'll be heading to Vancouver and Victoria again. Some very special blog friends to meet there - you gals know who you are!

Fairhaven's hollyhocks - Summer 2013 - the prettiest ever after a season of wonderful weather.


  1. It looks like a charming place. I would love to visit there. Those flowers were beautiful.

  2. Oh I forgot to tell you how pretty I think your Home page is :)

  3. You have captured our lovely Bellingham perfectly. We love Fairhaven and are there at least once a week. They have the big farmer's market in downtown (regular downtown, not Fairhaven downtown, two completely different areas) on Satudays and it is huge and crowded - but then Fairhaven has a Wednesday Farmer's market in the square behind the Colophon Cafe. It is much less crowded and parking is simple - so that is the one I go to. There are not as many vendors but I can always find all that I want or need there - plus they sell ManPies there - ohhhh my goodness - such tasty treats - dinner pies (like turnovers) or dessert - both are delicious.

    Aren't our hollyhocks gorgeous this year - if you have time to take a tour of the homes on the hill above Fairhaven you would see vast gardens of hollyhocks - always one of my favorite places to take photos of flowers in the summer, majestic old homes and lovely gardens.

    I'm glad you enjoyed Fairhaven - our daughter was married in the upstairs space at the Alaska Ferry Building, just after they remodeled the space - it is magnificent.

    As you can tell, I'm a big fan of Bellingham and love living here.

  4. Bellingham has always been a place to pass through on the way to Seattle, but I can see that I will have to stop in and spend some time when I'm down that way this fall. I look forward to hearing that you are coming to Victoria and would like to be part of the welcoming committee!!

  5. Beautiful photos of Bellingham/Fairhaven. I always think it such a pretty place when we drive through. Next summer - Victoria! We'll have to get together for tea with some other bloggers from here. What fun to anticipate.

  6. What a charming place to visit. I love the flowers and the shops look delightful.
    It is so much fun to tag along on your travels!

  7. I live in Washington state, but I've never been to Bellingham. Your lovely pictures make me want to visit. I'm sharing some pics of the Columbia River Gorge, so many beautiful sights in the Pacific NW!

  8. That is a pretty town! We talked of going there while we were in BC in July but decided not to. Maybe next time. Pamela

  9. I couldn't agree more about the beautify of the PNW! Thank you for a little glimpse of Bellingham, which I've yet to visit. Now I want to see it in person for sure.

  10. Bellingham looks like my sort of town and I love that photo of Lake Whatcom. Have never been to this area of the US though I'd like to. Still, I'm spreading my wings a bit and shall be in Savannah and New Orleans in November with my daughter.Never been further South than Virginia before.

  11. I have never visited Bellingham, just took a drive through. Now I know I must visit there the next time I am up that way. Love also the hollyhocks so much and wishing they didn't rust for us here. They are so pretty.

  12. Some dear friends of ours moved out there about 30 years ago. It sure does look beautiful! I love the street scenes and the gorgeous hollyhocks!


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