Monday, September 23, 2013

SuzAnna's in Autumn....................

Yesterday was beautiful - our first Autumn day didn't 
disappoint in any way.
 Late afternoon I headed to the Vintage Village - second 
visit in a few days as I was there for the fun Fall Festival 
held on Thursday evening.
I wanted to look around, take a few photos to share with 
all my treasure hunting friends, and then take 
granddaughter Jasmin home from her job at SuzAnna's Antiques.

So, come join me in my little walk around SuzAnna's, inside 
and out, see what caught my eye, and celebrate Autumn in North Carolina.

Have you ever seen these? Anyone know what they are? They immediately caught my attention - you know how I love pairs of things. They came home with me..........the pair, and another smaller one which Susie generously threw in the bag. Already I've been asked what I will do with them by 'you know who'! 
Who knows.......maybe outside in the garden, on the deck or porch, perhaps even inside....somewhere!
I can see doing something pretty for the Holiday season using candles, ivy etc.

Jasmin enjoys working at SuzAnna's Antiques so much.
It's not always easy for young teens to find a pleasant job.  

When I hear her chatting with customers, answering their decorating questions, making suggestions as to what may work in their home on their budget, learning the art of display, I feel proud seeing how far she has come in the few years of working here on weekends. I thank owners Susie and Jenny (lovely mom and daughter) for giving her the opportunity to work, have more confidence in herself, make some money of her own, learn a fun business, and more important, to be an honest and responsible employee.

Tell us what you would have brought home from SuzAnna's on a such a bright, sunshiny Autumn day.


  1. Oh my! I love the Gathering Place sign and the ironstone teapot next to it. What beautiful treasures there. I love the pumpkins and fall mums all gathered in a group for visual impact!! The mesh cones you bought are interesting. I wonder if one could attach one to a door upside down and fill it with fall flowers, gourds etc. They will be interesting to play with and I like the idea of a pillar candle under them.

  2. Those cones are fabulous Mary. I can't wait to see how you use them. I loved seeing everything and hope one day to visit there with you.

  3. What a fun place - and a lovely granddaughter. I would take home both white teapots and the lovely moon - and the white arbor - and - well I'd better stop - my truck is getting full. But I could come back later.

  4. Mary, Jasmin is more beautiful each time you share her photo. What a wonderful experience for her. She will no doubt gain a wealth of information about the antiques business and interior design. Happy First Day of Fall to you!

  5. Mary, It is a wonderful world. Thanks for the tour. SuzAnna's looks like a wonderful place to visit (or work). Thanks for reminding me to go buy a pot or two of mums.

  6. The chrysanthemums just sing to my heart.
    But I would be bringing home a white teapot for sure.
    Laughing, as you know I wouldn't need it, but I would love it.
    Have no idea what the cones are, but I just know you will find a creative
    use for them.

  7. What a great market and shop! Gosh, I wish we had great places like that around here! Ah, I think the metal cones have great potential for the Christmas holidays...

  8. I say...Bowerbird Paradise..even better that you have all sorts of nooks and crannies to explore. I hope you are taking an empty travel bag with you on your trip..if you do, a post on your Bowerbird purchases please! Safe travels Mary... xx

  9. Hi Mary it is Angie from Suzanna's. Jasmine is a wonderful young lady. Beautiful on the inside and out! I know how much she loves you both. So glad I found your blog. Have a wonderful time on your trip!

  10. Hi Mary it is Angie from Suzanna's! I hope that you have a wonderful trip. I love your blog. So glad I found it. I can't wait to hear about your latest adventure!


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