Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My southeast Autumn garden......................

A few nights ago I awoke in the darkness, long before dawn, to pelting, pouring rain. After the previous dreary overcast day I was not really surprised. It seemed the skies suddenly decided to get over their sadness and let all their tears fall heavily through the dark night.

Early next morning, brilliant sunshine poured through the windows and heaped itself in bright pools upon the dining room table. Beyond, in the still very green garden, it illuminated the colors of the many birds eating at the feeder and splashing in the old concrete bath topped up with fresh rainwater. On the back deck it warmed the furry squirrels, already fattening up for Winter, as they cracked open and crunched their breakfast on the rail.

Pink and purple petals are gone from the clematis, but how pretty their seed heads are in lime green. Yellow angel trumpets are blooming profusely, and beneath their dozens of pendulous flowers, the parsley, now gone to seed, glows gold and gorgeous. 

Some rain, some sunshine...........and all is lovely in these 
early days of Autumn.


  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful writing. I love the thought of sunshine heaping itself in pools on your table. Lovely imagery. Also lovely are clematis seed heads, all swirly and green.

  2. Such beautiful photos! I love the edits you do to them and the frames. The bluebird family taking a bath is adorable. It's very chilly here today with rain but the weekend looks promising. Hugs, Pamela

  3. Such a beautiful post. Autumn really brings out a reflective mood and things are seen in a different light. x

  4. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! and Beautiful!
    I must tell you we are now enjoying morning glories in two places in the garden.
    Oh so stunning. Our trumpet vine doesn't produce flowers and so I will just have
    to enjoy yours.

  5. So lovely - So far our fall has bee RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN - but it doesn't change things - just makes them greener here in Washington. No one - or almost no one - waters their yards in the summer here and with lots of sunshine things turn brown - but we are used to that - and then the first rains bring back all that greenness - Washington is oh so green. In our area we have amazing color on the trees - and just a few miles south there are not so many trees and no color. Your photos are wonderful and very refreshing.

  6. A beautiful, beautiful post and I especially love the photo of the bluebirds. I had 9 interested in my bird bath this evening. All of the photos are beautiful.......I just gravitate toward bluebirds!
    Farm Gal in VA

  7. I'm seeing these sweet blue jays on several blogs - they are so cute!
    We don't have squirrels here either so they fascinate me!
    I've only ever seen them in the UK but I wasn't quick enough to get photos.
    A lovely garden collage Mary.

  8. Beautiful post Mary. Last evening Kent and I grilled salmon outside, and I was looking at my hydrangeas. I saw a few that would be lovely to clip and let dry and planned on doing it today. But this morning woke up to pouring rain....

  9. I am hanging out here for a bit to catch up...adore these photos and those bluebirds...heaven! xx


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