Monday, September 23, 2013

Seattle scenes...........

No, I'm not here right now - but I was this past Summer, 
and several Summers before that!
Exciting city, beautiful views - go visit if you haven't yet.


  1. We just returned from our first visit to Seattle. We were there for a wedding which was lovely, but didn't allow any spare time for sightseeing. By the time we were able to visit Pike Place Market it was closed for the day. Oh well, we got to eat in a wonderful seafood restaurant nearby. I hope to get back one day and do a bit more exploring of this interesting city.

  2. It is a place I would love to visit someday. Hope you are having sunshine today, like we are here!

  3. I've never been there or anywhere south of BC in the US. Great mosaics. We have a Blue Door Restaurant in town. :)

  4. Your photos are lovely.

    We live 90 miles north of Seattle and it takes us 3 1/2 to 4 hours - and frequently longer - to get to Seattle. I think it is easier to be a tourist there if you fly in. But the sights are amazing. Don had a conference in Seattle last year and I got to go with him - we stayed at the Crowne Plaza and I got some fabulous photos of the space needle - it was cloudy that day or I would have also gotten photos of Mt. Ranier behind the Space Needle - now THAT would have been spectacular. The bell-man took me up to the club at the top of the Crowne Plaza to get the photos - he was so helpful and generous in taking the time to take me up there. That trip took us almost 5 hours to get there - no place for Seattle to expand so the freeways are clogged beyond belief. They now say it is worse that Los Angeles for time spent sitting still in traffic on the freeway.

  5. HI dear! I fell in love with Seattle on my very first visit... hope to come back soon! Miss you, love - me :)

  6. I will be here on October 4-6th. Looking forward to seeing this beautiful city and riding on the ferry to enter it's portals.

  7. Yes, it is quite delightful! We got to visit it way back in 1995 and also fly up to Victoria for a day.


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