Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sir Walter Raleigh........a little history lesson.

Poor old Walter. For years he's been moved back and forth around the capital city named in his honor. Whenever a new public construction is completed downtown, Walter is hoisted off his pedestal and taken on a short trip. Soon he's standing proudly in a new location, despite the jokes from some who think he's prissy-looking, and passing children point asking "who's that man in the funny clothes?".
For historical facts, and more on the amazing life of Sir Walter Raleigh, go HERE

This past weekend we took a quick afternoon visit to the Home Improvement Show in the impressive, fairly new, Raleigh Convention Center. There was Walter, glowing in the sunshine in his current home set between the Convention Center entrance and a Marriott Hotel. A fashion shoot was taking place but he obviously had set his sights on something more interesting up the street - perhaps the State Capitol building surrounded by lovely trees and plenty of pigeons.

After all, Walter came from my neck of the woods, South Devon in and beautiful, close to the sea and windy moorland of Dartmoor. In his little country village of Hayes Barton there were no monumental buildings - go HERE to see the charming farmhouse of his childhood, privately owned and not open to the public, but the land is still farmed.

Sir Walter Raleigh c.1554 - 1618
British aristocrat, writer, poet, soldier, courtier, 
spy and explorer.

Never Forget ~ September 11, 2001


  1. Good old Sir Walter - that's rather a splendid statue of him. The lack of historical(and other) knowledge in today's youngsters astounds me! The farmhouse at Hayes Barton is delightful - I'd be happy to live there:)

  2. It's good that Sir Walter's statue hasn't been relegated to the scrap heap - there seems to be such a move to change for the sake of change. It would be a shame if people didn't know the root of the name of their city.

  3. Loved the history lesson this morning. His farmhouse in England is gorgeous.
    And yes, we are remembering today.
    BTW each time I visit lately I am loving those bottles in the middle of your header.
    Now off to the gym, oh dear it is suppose to be 95 here today, which is a bit too warm for me.
    Hugs, m

  4. A beautiful statue indeed Mary and how fitting that a Devon girl lives in Raleigh!
    I learnt about Sir Walter Raleigh in primary school probably - but I imagine English history is not part of the syllabus for young ones any more - a shame.
    I followed your links and really enjoyed brushing up on that time of Elizabethan history - in favour one minute and out the next - fickle times.
    Have a happy weekend.
    Shane x


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