Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pumpkin perfection......................

Have you found your pumpkins yet?  

Do you hunt for special ones, or just pick up a few orange ones from the pile outside the grocery store? I love white ones however have had an obsession for grey-green, also pale buff colored ones, for several years. After seeing unusual colors of beautiful French pumpkins when visiting there one Autumn - and the French make amazing savory dishes from their pumpkins, not just pumpkin bread - I was hooked. Bright orange can sit out on my front steps at Halloween, but in the house I love a simple display of more subtle color.

I think I'll soon be looking for some beauties like these brought home last year. First stop will be at the Vintage Village, home of SuzAnna's Antiques, Sam's Country Antiques, Two Old Birds, and other fun shops. Sam brings in literally thousands of pumpkins from minis to gigantic 'best of show' types. Mostly orange of course, however the past couple of years I've also been able to find white, grey-green etc. 

These beauties above were spied at a village Pumpkin Fete in France - October 2008.
I'll let you know if I find any fabulous ones this year.


  1. I'm not hunting for pumpkins yet. Still too early. I wait until the season is officially here to decorate - September 21 or 22. Fall decor is my least favorite and it's here until I change to Christmas so I ration it out.
    All those fabulously colored pumpkins are wonderful. I'm going to look for something other than orange, for certain.

  2. I use orange pumpkins usually outside in my lion head urns in the fall. Inside, I usually decorate with gourds and squash, more than pumpkins. I do love the ones you are showing here Mary.

  3. Oh I love the French dusty grey pumpkins so much. I even brought some seeds back from France. I think there is one in the garden right now and other pumpkins are popping up in the garden too. I hope they all mature in the next few weeks. I love seeing them there. Of course I will have to buy one or two also, so will now be looking too. Love your photos so much.

  4. Oh, Mary...I love the gray/green as well as the creamy whites just like you. It's very hard to find them here, I'm going to try a few other places and do it a bit earlier than I do my orange ones, which I, too, keep on the porch.


  5. I think it's wonderful how you all dress your houses for the seasons. We only decorate our houses for Christmas and still most people just have a tree and a wreath of the front door, though I always have my Nativity set displayed on top of an old English cabinet! Aren't we a conservative lot!?
    I'm like you Mary and would be hunting out the French white pumpkins too!
    Great inspiration for me!
    Shane xox

  6. I love the grey/green and creamy coloured pumpkins but they are hard to find in my area. In Suffolk and Sussex you can buy them at the roadside but I've never seen them anywhere but in supermarkets and greengrocers round here - and those are usually either the big orange ones or butternut squash.


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