Monday, September 16, 2013

Shopping The Depot...................

When visiting friend Vanessa in her new Charlotte 
home last month, we met up first to enjoy several 
hours browsing here at The Depot at the Gibson Mill 
in Concord, NC. This was formerly Cannon Mills 
gingham fabric manufacturing plant and is a 
gigantic 88,000 sq.ft. Oh sweet little checked 
gingham - where the heck are you woven these days? 
Do I dare guess!

You can easily spend an entire day exploring and treasure 
hunting here. Everything was FOR SALE.........tons of 
fabulous stuff in hundreds of booths, all 
awaiting a new home. We love this huge place and 
have been several times. 
For those of you who enjoy 'hunting and gathering' 
I'm sharing some of the things which caught my eye.
Of course I always spy items later in my photos I wish 
I'd brought home!

Must share this too, while we gals shopped, my dear DH 
spent time with Luna, Vanessa's lovely daughter. He 
was impressed that a first grader knew so much about 
treasure hunting - she taught him a thing or too along 
the way, and with the nicest manners. Of course Luna has
had good training, spent many an hour with us in 
loads of antiques/vintage shops even when still 
in her stroller when Vanessa and I first became friends. 

I really wish I'd bought the two tall, elegant, cloches.

Love the patina on this metal - this shade of blue is 
becoming one of my new favorites.

That tureen on the middle shelf would have been a 
perfect addition to my collection........I hear 
groans from DH as he reads this. Could always use a 
couple more mixing bowls! 

Even though DH agrees with that J-word (and even I admit some 
of it is), he still has the patience of Job when I 
want to treasure hunt, thanks dear.

Bye bye Depot friends - you certainly have a huge, 
amazing antiques/vintage shopping mall. I'll be back later.

I bet you see something you would have taken home - would 
love to know what tickled your fancy!


  1. I'm so glad you got to spend some time with Vanessa, Mary. I would have loved to visit The Depot. Oh, my stars, what wonderful things!


  2. I always enjoy accompanying you on your "junk treasure hunts" and must admit everything you do bring home looks very nice in the house. Your DH Bob

  3. What a fun outing with a friend. I'd have picked up those two tall cloches! So beautiful. And I love the white pitcher (ironstone?) above the soup tureen you mentioned.

  4. I would have taken home the off white Teapot in picture #3 and the glass funnel in picture #14. This looks like a fun shop.

  5. I loved the mirror behind the cloches and those silver trays. Someday I hope to meet you all there for a shopping trip!

  6. Wow, what a wonderful place to visit and shop! I think I'd pick the blue ball jar and the white ironstone plates stacked upright. We have nothing like this in Canada. Our antique shop are few and they are very pricey. I can only dream of visiting a place like this but I guess that's a good thing as I'd have to buy a bigger house to hold the things I'd buy! :)

  7. Oh my dear! Always the most lovely compliments! I'm so happy to have you as a friend and know my little Luna is loved by both of you as well. I'm truly blessed to have you as friend. I hope you are feeling better my dear. By the way, I am planning a little trip to the Depot very soon, perhaps I could check and see if the two tall cloches are still there? Would you like me to get them for you if so? It would be a pleasure! I'll be coming to Chapel Hill very soon, another couple of weeks and we'll there again, may be we can get together? Dear, have a lovely week! Love you, Vanessa

  8. Love all those old buckets. Sounds as though you had a good day:)

  9. How lovely to have the opportunity to scour the mall with a dear friend.
    The cloche immediately caught my eye and loved the tureen too. Isn't it
    interesting how our children learn by shopping with us. Just the other day
    my daughter mentioned something she learned as a child looking at the antique shops
    with us. How fun too for you DH, as mine also is tolerant and actually enjoys vicariously.

  10. I forgot to say how sad I am that the mills and garment production has mostly gone from your part of the country. Once working for a company that produced clothing in your state, it just makes me mourn what has gone to other places. One day I hope companies return their production to the USA. Just my 2cents.


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