Saturday, September 28, 2013

My garden this Saturday morning........

I'm as busy as this bee on the Sedum plant this morning!

Not much time for garden walks this weekend. Just 
a few quick pics on this lovely sunny morning. There's 
still lots happening out there, including Autumn
flowers blooming, hungry birds feeding....... 

.....and note we still have figs ripening even though the 
leaves of the Celeste fig are starting to dry, curl, 
and fall to the ground now.

This is how it looks this lovely weekend morning - dappled sun, warming up, so off to do a wee bit of gardening before tackling other things in the house.

Leaving on our trip Wednesday...much to do before then.
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Thank you for taking me on a walk in your garden. We have company coming for dinner tonight and I am off to make an apple pie.

  2. I enjoyed this morning stroll through your garden, Mary. The cardinals look quite content with the feast you have shared with them. It has reminded me to fill my own feeders.
    How great that your figs are still ripening. I bought a jar of fig jam at the farmer's market this week. I think I am going to see if I can find a spot in my garden to plant a fig. They seem to do well in NC.

  3. Bon voyage Mary - I am sure that you will have a great time, and return back home with lots of lovely photos for us to see.
    I am off in two weeks time - hoping to see some interesting architecture and receive a little more sun.

  4. Hello Mary, Thank you so much for becoming a new follower and thank you also for leaving such a lovely comment. I look forward to spending more time reading your beautiful blog. I'm also looking forward to your photographs from your trip to Europe. We are going in December and your suggestions on packing for Europe (last post) will be studied a few more times. Thank you for the ZARA suggestion. It looks like a promising source.
    I can't believe that you still have figs ripening. We had a very hard frost last night. I don't even want to go outside. ox, Gina

  5. It's a beautiful sunny morning here too... I'm off.

  6. Have a wonderful trip Mary! I have been keeping up it not always aw to comment. I'm on my way home now and back to normal!

  7. Always a treat to walk in your garden, Mary. Have a lovely trip.........sarah

  8. Sooo much to do and so little time Mary... I know that feeling only too well!
    Your garden is looking lovely and your sweet little shed aww... I want one too just like it - love the shutters!
    The figs will be perfect for you when you return home - fingers crossed those darling little red birds haven't noticed them!
    Mary dear, please allow some time on Tuesday to put your feet up for a couple of hours - those long flights are a killer.
    I'm not wanting to put a damper on things - I just want you to hit the ground rested and fresh!!!
    Much love and hugs to you both
    Shane xox

  9. Hi Mary, your garden is looking wonderful, the colour of those birds is something else, gorgeous! Thank you so much for your visit, I love in when you pop in to say hello. Have a fabulous trip!
    Paul XX

  10. Love those pink mums! I bet your back is aching by now too!

  11. Your Fall garden is just glorious and beautiful!


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