Saturday, September 7, 2013

To market, to market...................

Here in Raleigh we are so lucky!  
When it comes to our gardens and homes we have the amazing Market Imports venue located at the 
Garden Center at The State Farmers Market. 

A gigantic 2+ acre shop/store/garden filled to the gills with unusual treasures from around the world.
The incredible inventory is always changing - here I'm 
sharing some of the loveliness I discovered earlier 
this Summer.

At Market Imports, delightful owners Flo and Dan have searched the world for unusual antiques, furniture, fountains, pottery, statuary, containers, ironwork, etc. I have loved this place for many years, always finding something special to bring home.
Go HERE for more info and to view more of the fabulous items available at Market Imports. Be sure to stop by if you are in Raleigh........and I'd love to go with you!


  1. No excuse for a boring home or garden with all that choice!

  2. "Filled to the gills" is an expression my Dad used a lot. Of course we picked it up too but I haven't used it in a long while. It made me smile. I love your new header photos! So pretty. This shop looks wonderful, Mary. We have nothing like that up here. Nothing! And if we did it would be SO expensive. sigh... Enjoy the day. Pam

  3. Oh... I just love the dragonfly tiles!! Wonderful shop, I could spend hours there.

  4. This place would have to be savoured for a whole day at a time. My eyes wouldn't know which to focus on. However, the lanterns are amazing and yes, to see in those drawers would be so wonderful, I guess the smell of each drawer would bring back memories too. Great place and only wish there was something like that around my way. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Chel x

  5. Mary you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the old bits.
    I'm looking longingly at those dragonfly tiles which would be perfect here and there in my courtyard!
    And the wooden trough/trug whatever would have tempted me too!
    Oh if only..... I lived within driving distance of Raleigh I would be there like a shot - you know that!!!

    We're enjoying an easy Sunday after watching the America's Cup racing!!!!
    We're meeting friends at the waterfront for a celebratory glass of wine at 4pm - a shame you can't join us.
    Shane xox

  6. Mary,

    What an abundance of beautiful pieces for the home and garden...I'd have a wonderful time here!


  7. I could spend a fortune there! It looks like a wonderful place to shop.


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