Thursday, September 26, 2013

"We brake for pumpkins!"

Monday we took a country drive in the Autumn sunshine. We were on a mission out of town which was partly accomplished, but the best part, as usual, were the unplanned stops we made along the way due to wonderful surprises. You know how that get home and, as you unwind, you sigh and say, "Wow what a lovely day this has been".

My annual pumpkin purchasing had not even started because I'd not yet found the grey-green beauties I love for indoor decor.  "Hey, look, stop, turn around, go back - green pumpkins!" Sure enough, there beyond a colorful riot of hundreds of orange beauties, I spied white ones, mottled ones, gold ones, and many shades of green. Pumpkin heaven on a North Carolina country roadside!

A quick U-turn up the road and we were back in the driveway. I was out of the car before the engine was off, befriending a sweet black cat, a gentle dog, and two of the nicest farmers in North Carolina. 
The Johnsons planted 7 acres of pumpkin seeds this year, all by hand! When the drowning rains came this past Spring, Doug's homemade seeding tool had luckily set them deep enough in the ground.........thankfully they didn't wash away. 

Freda shared enjoyable pumpkin stories with Bob as I toddled about overwhelmed and unable to choose out of so many beautiful veggies. I would have brought home the entire harvest IF I'd had a tractor-trailer!

I ended up with the three grey-green ones, a lime green one, and a pale orange-green one for inside decor, and brought back the 'jazzy' looking deep orange and green one in front of the price sign, for Jasmin. Once I get time to decorate I'll show you mine in the house.

Then I asked Freda if she had any good roasting pumpkins. These green and gold ones above are her favorites for eating (all pumpkins are edible though) and she picked out a good one for me - third one back on the left. Bob has promised to hack cut this monster open for me when we get back from Europe and I have time to roast it! I also bought their just-picked butternut squash and will be cooking them this week.

I loved this family farm of 200+ acres. Besides pumpkins they grow corn and wheat, have a herd of cattle, and adorable miniature ponies out in the pasture.

The pumpkin prices were very affordable and the selection 
the best I've ever seen around here.

Freda and Doug, hope you read this and everyone comes over to purchase your wonderful pumpkins. I know how hard farmers work to bring food to our table..............and you also offer the makings of a perfect Autumn to share with those of us who enjoy decorating for the season.  
Thank you ~ we'll see you next time.


  1. Wonderful pictures of all these gorgeous gourds. I do like the grey green ones you chose but never see them up here. Any white ones, like the baby boos, in our markets are usually imported. This looks like a super place to visit and go pumpkin shopping. Have fun decorating with them. Hugs, Pamela

  2. If I lived near by, I would be there in an instant! What a wonderful place. I love the pictures of the black cat with the pumpkins...perfection!

    1. It's the best selection I've ever seen around here Penny - only the French village 'pumpkin festival' I visited years back surpassed this. The French grow some amazing ones and seem to eat them all!
      The Johnsons were such lovely people too. Some Raleigh friends are heading down there today to "gather ye pumpkins while they can!".
      If I wasn't going away I'd go back for more too.
      Hugs - Mary

  3. Love the black kitty amongst the pumpkins! :-)

  4. What a beautiful pile of pumpkins. So glad you found the ones you wanted for your decor. That farm sounds like a lovely place to visit. Don't you love supporting local growers?

  5. Excellent!! Looks like gourd heaven to me. Of course the kitty is may favorite bit. I've never eaten a green pumpkin.

  6. Those unplanned stops are the best!
    I would be there like a shot to see Doug and Freda's pumpkins - to buy and take photos too!!!
    I need to get out of the city!
    I'm determined to locate some pumpkins to create my own Autumn mantle display for March next year - I'm blown away by the beautiful "Fall" vignettes I see on US blogs every day!

    Counting down the days now Mary? You must be tingling with excitement and expectation!

    Much love and hugs
    Shane xox

  7. What a great shot, that cat sitting amongst the pumpkins!
    There are more than you can shake a stick at here Mary!
    Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  8. Sorry, I meant to say love the header pictures too!

  9. Pumpkins are so happy looking. I just love their colors and roundness and seeing so many all gathered together like this is wonderful. I'm sure even more wonderful for you who got to see them in person as well as handle them and bring a few home too.

  10. If I lived nearby I would be there in an instant. Oh how I love all of them. Lucky you!
    We do have one grey one in the garden, some small green ones that could turn orange, and a couple orange ones.
    Love them so much. Love seeing that black cat in with the pumpkins too.

  11. Love the one with the black cat sitting by the pumpkin! What a wonderful capture! Would be perfect advertisement for their pumpking patch!

  12. You picked out some beauties! I love farms like that.


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