Monday, March 3, 2014

Island living........................

Wow!!!! I'm on an island kick! I wish....and I'm not even a tropical person!
Right now the temperature has dropped 12 degrees since I got up. Last night I slept with the window open. Yesterday people were shopping in sleeveless tops and shorts.........later today we may need snow boots. Tonight it will drop to 18F.............and tomorrow morning we may require ice skates and, knowing our school system, there will be delayed or cancelled classes again. At this rate, with so many lost school days, the kids may never get a Summer vacation! 
What in the world is going on with the weather......everywhere?

So what do you think?  Did I do well or not?  Does my vision of making my already useful kitchen island work even better?  Small house, smallish kitchen, older limited space cabinets, large soup pots and baking suddenly hit me like a smack in the head a few weeks back. French magazine photo showed a kitchen island with a pot rack underneath - why had I never thought of that. Perhaps because I forgot to marry a handyman, or one who loves building things, or playing about with wood! I didn't listen to my mother - she always told me, "don't marry a man like your father who can't even hammer a nail in the wall". 
I did! So, borrowed my friend's hubby for this job. He came this morning, installed the rack he designed and I painted over the weekend............and I am thrilled with it. This is almost better than being away on a tropical island for me.
Update: It's sleeting. It's so cold. 
The kids were kicked out sent home from school 3 hours early.

Although I have my island, and hubby has piled up the firewood for tonight, I also have my painter working upstairs today. The textured ceiling in the 'office' is scraped smooth, a huge fan is blowing cold air about the cottage (and I'm now wearing a huge scarf wound around my neck, and fuzzy socks!) to dry it before he can return from a long lunch and start painting! With the possibility of bad weather tomorrow, will he be able to return? I see this reno running over into Wed. even perhaps Thur. Hopefully he'll be long gone by Fri. when the new carpet is due to arrive!

............and may I enquire, just how has your week started? You have to admit mine is off to a wild start.


  1. Love your island.
    Do I wish I was on a tropical island? You bet I do. Very cold here, combination of wind chill and temps. last night.....-33*C, Writing this at 2:40 p.m. and our temp is -12*C, we do have beautiful blue skies and sunshine, which has a lot of heat in it. We need more of that to melt all of the snow and ice currently on the ground. But.....cloudy skies will guessed it more snow tomorrow. So tired of this Winter.

  2. What a smart thing to have in your kitchen! I love your island, so much more storage space for sure. Oh it's cold here and was 90 yesterday! CRAZY!!!

  3. That turned out perfectly Mary! I know what you mean about the weather. It is 36 degrees here and raining, it was 70 yesterday and we were at the garden center. Glad we didn't buy anything!

  4. Your inspiration turned out beautifully. I love the shelf (love the whole island!) and it really adds to the island's looks I think. I hope the painter won't be delayed due to the weather. We are in the very deep cold freeze up here so the stormy weather is heading out to sea and not drifting north to visit us this time. Sorry for you but happy for us. The cold is bad enough. Stay cozy.

  5. Great kitchen table. Do people put casters on them or do they stay still?
    I send you some tropical air. Not hot, just lovely at 31 degrees C. Maybe Piece by Piece would like some too!!!

  6. Yes, a wild, but good start it looks to be.
    Here it is sunshine and then pouring rain all in one day.
    Love the island. He did very nicely.
    Good luck with the room upstairs now.
    Oh, is that you with the new do on the profile picture?
    Can't see it all, but looking good.

  7. Hi dear, wow! I love it! It turned out very nice! Great job! I think I could use a kitchen island over too... :) Today Rhondi and I had a lovely time together and tomorrow we're off to the Depot. It would be a lot of fun if you were with us! I'll reply to the email soon. Love, Vanessa

  8. Oh the island is so very clever - and lovely. I hope the painting job got finished. My week started off great - I'm scanning photos for our SIL from an album dated 1905, photos taken by his great aunt and uncle during a west coast tour - which includes photos from Bellingha, where we live, and Sitka, Alaska, where I grew up - I'm having a fabulous time.

  9. Oh Mary you're lucky to have a kitchen big enough to take an island bench - I've always wanted a french style kitchen.
    A few years ago we moved into a smaller town house and space is at a premium!
    My preserving pan and large stock pot hang from the ceiling in our garage!

  10. OMYGOSH...I absolutely LOVE it and I like it better than the hanging pot are so smart to think of it.l
    xo bj

  11. That's a nice change and very helpful too! Here where I live it's almost spring (not that the winter has really been around) and we'll soon start to complain about too much hot weather....

  12. I can see how helpful that lower shelf is, Mary! What a great idea and you have a wonderful neighbor. When you mentioned your thoughts on this recently, I took a long look at my island's lower shelf and realized what a useless bunch of stuff I have on it!! So I am in the process of organizing a large cabinet that is spilling over with you name it and hope to have an island redo soon.

    That is some cold weather you are having. We woke up to snow surprise, Our weather people are saying that our frigid temps are going to last well into March. Brrrrr!

    Looking forward to seeing the "new" room!


  13. LOL, I married the same kind of guy. So hiring for handywork services has been the best thing with the least amount of stress! Love the new rack at the bottom of your island. Great solution! I bet you have warmed up by now.


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