Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bread and sunshine for Saturday.........................

I love this little local bakery which opened late last year. The owners are a young couple with a golden retriever - the bakery's namesake of course. Yesterday we decided to heck with all the moving/hiding stuff in readiness for carpet installers tomorrow morning......we were heading out of the house for some much needed walking in the fresh air, locating fresh photo ops, and fresh from the oven artisan breads!
My breakfast this morning.  
The perfect food to start my day along with a mug of steaming coffee. I've been trying to stay away from bread the past few weeks and I miss it so, especially a slice of morning toast. This loaf was Yellow Dog's Fig & Walnut and is absolutely delicious....I admit to being guilty of crunching through not one but two slices!

Will have to try this granola next time.

Haven't given in to trying these sweet treats yet but 
hear they are amazingly yummy!

Yellow Dog's baguettes are fabulous, I know that for a fact!

I love to see new small businesses making a go of it........especially young couples putting their hearts and souls into something they love deeply. Running a bakery/coffee shop is no small feat - making wonderful bread and pastries takes time, a lot of time. Seeing the tables and chairs both inside and filled to capacity yesterday afternoon, and a line at the counter waiting to be served, was exciting. Knowing there are great people out there, willing to keep up the old ways of feeding us healthy options of the 'staff of life', is truly heart warming. 
Good luck and many thanks Tanya and Matt.

BTW - I did take lots of photos on our walk yesterday. It was warm, sunny, and a visit to the Arboretum, then a walk through downtown, had me snapping away and realizing Spring is definitely not far off. Will share some new scenes from around our city soon.


  1. Oh yum! My new bakery has no bread...none! I'd be in more trouble if it did.

  2. These breads look delicious. I like the artistic displays and the name of the shop. You must have enjoy your day out and I hope you share some photos of what you saw soon. Enjoy the week ahead. Pam

  3. That looks like a wonderful bakery! I love bread too. We had a beautiful day here today and this weeks looks like it will be lovely for the most part.

  4. What a fun place to visit and to get a little snack while on a walk. It all looks delightful.

  5. Bread making does take quite a long time (and some muscles for all the kneading). I used to make a few loaves on the weekends quite a few years ago. So I do appreciate a good loaf or a warm slice with some butter. I am avoiding the carbs right now, but at some point I will slowly be able to add a few things choices? A square of good dark chocolate, a honeycrisp apple and a slice of very good bread! :)

    I can't wait to visit Raleigh. I keep your weather (as well as Asheville's) on my phone. I feel a bit stalkerish!! Ha!


  6. Fresh bread is my downfall. I l can't resist it warm and crusty from the bakery. How lovely to get out of the house for awhile and get away from the renovation disorder. A walk is just the thing.

  7. The Yellow Dog bakery sounds just up my street! I love bread just cannot live without it, a fresh baguette every morning is de riguer nowadays. The fig & walnut bread looks yummy. and of course the Emma B plate is perfect for it!

  8. I love old fashioned bakeries like that! There is one that we visit about an hour away from us, whenever we wander over that way. Wish there was one in Knoxville! Enjoy and thank you for the photos of yummy baked goods!

  9. I imagine right about now you are in the throes of having the new carpet installed. How nice it will be when it is complete. In the meantime, you had a great idea to escape to this lovely bakery. Everything looks positively scrumptious and I like the creative way they display the bread. Fig & walnut sounds so good for your morning toast.
    Hasn't our weather been gorgeous? I think if there is such a thing as a perfect weekend, we just had one here in NC. (blue skies, warmish temps and best of all, NO humidity).
    I look forward to seeing your photos from the arboretum.

  10. Looks delightful Mary!
    I would love to swing into your neck of the woods one day and pick up something yummy from "Yellow Dog" for us to share over a cup of coffee!
    I imagine the carpet is down by now and you have your house back to just the two of you again!
    Dying to see it!

  11. A really good bakery is a real treasure! I'm so glad to hear they are doing well.

  12. The Yellow Dog Bakery would definitely be a temptation too good to resist. I too would miss toast in the mornings the most and especially if it came from a bakery like this one. Friends of ours just opened a bakery in a little town not far from Portland last week. They have done so well the first few days they have had to close early because they ran out of everything. Tomorrow we hope to go check it out early in the day.


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