Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring WILL come……

…………that's what we've be saying, over and over again!

At last, today is the first day of Spring………sending 
happy thoughts your way along with a few pics of 
former Springtime scenes. 

Looking across Tor Bay, Devon - my former lovely home on 
a perfect Spring day.

Spring arrives in the Lake District in Northern England.

Spring has arrived here in North Carolina today and 
it's perfect! I'm off to start on some much-needed work 
in the garden in sunshine and warmth - 
nothing better than that.
Enjoy the arrival of Spring wherever you are.


  1. Beautiful photos of the English countryside in springtime. I visited England once in April. It was a trip I will always remember. Your photos today reminded me of that special time.
    Happy Spring to you, Mary. Enjoy your day in the garden.

  2. Beautiful images. We will get out to do our first mow since winter on the weekend.

  3. Happy Spring Mary! We have a lovely day here too. Tomorrow is suppose to be even nicer. We are heading back out to do some more work on the raised beds and stone pathway.

  4. It rained here....on the first day of Spring!

  5. Your photos are beautiful but I especially love the last one. I would have that hanging in my living room and pretend it was the view outside my window. :) We got a lot of snow today and now it's raining. It's going to be a mess of heavy slush. But, we WILL get spring one day. I'm glad you have a beautiful first day of spring there to be out in the garden. Enjoy!

  6. Happy Springtime, Mary. Love the shot with the sheep and the lamb against the stone wall. I've heard that England is at her loveliest in spring. Your photos certainly help that thought along.
    Enjoy your gardening!

  7. Love your photos, thanks for posting. Spring might have arrived on the calendar, however, I think Mother Nature is still thinking Winter. Temp just above 0*C with cloudy skies and a few more flakes of snow.
    Spring WILL arrive..........I hope.

  8. All beautiful photos Mary! Happy first day of Spring! Hope you had a good day ~ Love ~ Vanessa xo

  9. Spring is here also. We will venture out and enjoy spring this weekend with a trip north.
    Just had to tell you, my glass friend was able to fix my necklace I broke last summer
    at the rose gardens when you visited. Hooray, I got it back today.
    Enjoy springtime in your neighborhood. I will be back Tuesday.

  10. I am glad that spring arrived with a sure step. Beautiful photos of your former home...such a view!

  11. Your photos of English Spring took me back Mary, and when I saw the sheep I thought, hang on, they're not from Devon ~ those are Herdwicks! Then I saw I was right, they were from Beatrix Potter country. Just lovely, thank you so much for brightening my Autumn day. Best wishes Jane


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