Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Clean Slate..................

..........or I guess you could call it a very white room!

Our home office/sewing/crafting/everything room upstairs is now fresh and clean, texture removed and smooth ceiling makes room appear larger, and it awaits new carpet. Then, following a good clean, my favorite time arrives, replacing old pieces of furniture (that's my sewing machine already there), buying a few new pieces such as a desk for me, messing up with holes hanging art on the pristine walls, organizing bookshelves, putting out-of-season clothes back in the closet, and plugging in the extra 'frig to chill white wine, along with all those jars of fig jam I made and have no room for in the kitchen 'frig! This year I think my garden birds will enjoy our fig harvest with no shooing them away. I just can't see making more jam for awhile!

The pic below is from PB's catalog and it's how I'd like the office to be, but of course it won't! It's my inspiration pic because it will definitely spur me on to framing more of my beautiful Africa (and other places) photos, and I want a desk lamp such as the one on this desk. I love the smaller desk and would like something similar - I will use my laptop there. Bob will have the iMac on his large desk.........and this I'm thrilled to share with you, the old desktop PC's and their miles of wires, cables, woofers and tweeters etc. are gone FOREVER! I feel I can breathe again already, and it gets even better......once the carpet is down we'll have the Apple techie specialist here to set up a better wireless and security system.........with hopefully very few actual wires!

We changed the carpet installation date to Monday rather than tomorrow when it will be raining. Also, as the painting job ran over until today, I need more time to pack up stuff to make it easier for the carpet guys! Next Monday will be the promised start of a run of fine sunny days with temperatures in the 60's - perfect for cutting carpet on the driveway and doing lots of outdoor things, such as walking which is much needed after sitting around for the past week complaining about the chill, the dust, and the messy house.

How are your Spring projects going? Still in the dreaming and planning stage, or moving along nicely?


  1. Hello Mary:

    This really is so exciting. You have obviously gone for a complete 'make over' and we are certain that you will have enormous fun arranging the room as you wish. Once the carpet is down, then of course you can afford to take your time. And how wonderful to be rid of 'wires' everywhere. We shall look forward to progress posts!

  2. It is going to be fun watching your put this room together. Your framed travel pictures will be wonderful in there. I am kind of stuck in a rut, both with blogging and decorating. I think I have the winter blues. Hopefully with the warmer weather next week I will be more motivated.

  3. Looking forward to seeing how you put the finishing details on your room. Your framed photos will be a great addition and give real personality to your room.
    I'm needing to get going on my projects. There are so many things I want to do - guess I should just focus on one room and get it done, then move on.

  4. Your sewing cabinet is exactly like mine! I can't believe it. I have an old Singer Diana machine in mine and I never use it now. I've thought of selling the whole thing and getting it out of the spare bedroom but haven't yet. I'm just not a seamstress and someone else may as well enjoy it. It makes a great storage cabinet though. :) I think your inspiration photo is a good place to start. Looks like things are coming along nicely. There are no projects going on here at all. Waiting for snow to melt. It may get up to +2C (34F) tomorrow and Saturday! After a week of -5 to -10 C it will be very welcome. I hope you have a good weekend and get to enjoy the warmer temperatures.

  5. Aren't pictures good to inspire us? Love your ideas.
    Our painting is moving along at a snails pace, but I will not
    say anything because at least it is started.

  6. Oh your room will be wonderful - I can't wait to see it all in place. My spring projects you ask? Mine? Oh you mean I'm supposed to have some spring projects? Hee Hee - nope - not a one.. Well our house is less than 10 years old and we put in new carpet when we bought it 6 years ago so that is done - and our son-in-law built us a deck three summers ago so most everything is done that needs done. Just a little spring decorating and when the time comes, some pretty plants on the deck - that's about it for my spring. This gives me lots of time for crocheting and sitting on the deck drinking tea with the neighbors that happen to stop by - ahhhh I adore spring - and then comes summer - almost perfect here on the northwest coast - warm, sunny, not much rain, no mosquitoes and no hot weather - ahhhhh summer.

  7. Go ahead dear, rub it in! I know how lovely it is where you live and I'd be right there next door to you - or my long time friends who live in Sudden Valley - if only I could. I'd be over tea often - you might even get tired of me - but I'd bring homemade French cakes, English biscuits and other goodies……….if you put the kettle on!!

    Hugs - Mary

    P.S. I was reading the part of your book available on Amazon……….I've added it to my Wish List as I want to read it all! My painter lived in Alaska for 5 years - farmed and raised 3 children there way out south of Fairbanks. I was telling him about your life there and, like you, they had no mod-cons. When he brought the kids back to the lower 48 they saw light switches and flush toilets for the first time!

  8. Looking forward to seeing photos of the room when finished. I am planning on painting my bedroom, but waiting until the windows can be opened, still too cold at present, and we need to get rid of all this snow. How I wish it would warm up, so tired of this Winter.

  9. Love your inspiration photo, Mary. Your project sounds lovely, and like you, I'm thankful the cords and cables are no longer needed. Wireless - yipee!
    My spring projects are moving slowly. I'm purging closets (painfully slow) and working in the garden (on the rare good day). Afraid I lost my patience, bought the first white geraniums I found, kept them inside on the sun porch for two weeks, then potted them on a sunny Sunday that was in the 80s. Mother Nature didn't like that move and sent freezing temps back down to the 20s. Even though I covered things, they don't look too keen anymore. Lesson learned!

  10. Hi sweet Mary!!! I'm so sorry it's been so very long since I've visited! This room is going to be WONDERFUL! I just love your inspiration photo and truthfully, I feel like you will make it look even better. I can see beautiful bamboo shades on those windows...but can't wait to see what you do this room! I hope you are doing so good, hugs and love, Dawn

  11. I know the PERFECT place for you to come look for a desk!! hehehe!

  12. Let your creativity soar! I know it will be beautiful when it is all done. No spring projects here yet. We want some hardscape work done outside, but we don't know when the contractor will be available. We've already waited 6 months!


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