Sunday, March 2, 2014

You asked for it!

I'm useless at taking pics of moi through a mirror!
Where does one look? How do you get a pic without the 
camera being visible?
Shoot, I'll just get someone else to take some better
ones soon. 
That said, here's one to give you an idea of the new 'do'.
I like it, a lot, and next time I think I'll go even shorter!

Click to enlarge…………if you dare!

I'll be back here soon with more interesting posts……hopefully!


  1. seems as if every time I log on you are the first blog. Good enough! I truly love your new shows off your pretty face and bone structure much better than your previous style. I so admire your zest for making changes...please, pass that on to me!! Bravo to you!


  2. I always find that I am on tender hooks if I have layers cut in my hair, it takes so long to grow it back to the same length. Yours looks very good, it suits you. It is great to have a change from time to time.

  3. What an adorable new do! Looks great! Okay, only thing I can suggest is to put your camera on a timer and set it up and run and it'll snap before you know it! You'll have a great new photo without your camera showing! No need for a tripod, just place it on anything!
    Have a great Sunday~

  4. Haircuts are very interesting and yours looks great! Thank you for obliging us!

  5. Dear!! You looks so beautiful!!! I really love this new hair cut style, you look young and fashionable!! Can't t see it in person! You look great!! When I take pics of myself, I usually use the iPhone with camera facing the front. iPhone photos are never really that great, but we can work around it. I love it!! Have a beautiful day! Love, Vanessa

  6. Nice do! I've had that style before. My hair is so long right now. Haven't had it cut in a year. Yikes! Definitely need a trim soon. I'm with you on the selfies. How does one do it properly? Just doesn't work for me at all. Have a great day. Tammy

  7. Adorable! I wish I could wear a short "do". I tried one many years ago, then spent the next five years growing it out again. Your hair looks perfect.

  8. It looks great, Mary. Very flattering and attractive.

  9. LOVE IT!! We look like sisters now!! ;)

  10. I like it, a lot, too! It suits you so well. I think even better than the bob. Bob the haircut. ;)

    Jake's a Girl

  11. I love your new hair style. I think it's very becoming. Thank you for obliging us with photos. :) I don't like taking selfies either therefore I haven't shared a proper photo of me and my new glasses although they are in several photos of late. Did you notice? :)

  12. Dear Mary, You took a wonderful selfie. Your new haircut is very becoming. Maybe you will share how you style it every day. I'm thinking of having my hair cut.

  13. Nice selfie.... you did a great job (I forget to look up & have deleted lots of pictures of myself looking at my finger as I push the button). Have a wonderful week.

  14. Love that new "do!" I bet it is so much easier to take care of too. LOL, I don't know about where to look with selfies. I think they are really difficult to take, but you did a splendid job.

  15. NEW YOU - IT'S FABULOUS dear Mary!!!!
    Your hair looks thick too - lucky you - Mine seems to have thinned out! LOL
    Love your outfit and the colour too.
    In a couple of weeks I'm having "low lights" to hide some of the grey/silver it is at the mo!
    Now I'm back being a working girl I feel I need a makeover!!!
    Hugs to my brave very styley friend across the seas!

  16. I join the chorus - the new do is very flattering!

  17. I am so use to seeing you with your old hair style I wasn't sure I would like the new on you.
    I love it! Very nice!


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